Friday, March 27, 2009

the chipmunk and 'the crappers'

Alright ... are you getting sick of blog entries about product shots? After chasing a wee toddler around the garden with my camera, when she is just keen to catch 'the crappers' ... hmm ... read 'caterpillers', I feel a swelling of pride that I managed to get one usable photo out of 30. Must say it wasn't my most inspired idea to give her favourite snack food - cashews - as a down payment - 20 of those 30 out takes she resembled a chipmunk. Does anyone else find the lag between pushing the button and 'the click' on a digital camera slightly frustrating. I'm going to save up and me one of those 'flash' ones ... you know so I look and feel like a pro-fesh-an-ale. You know, on location in the bahamas. Dig it?

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