Saturday, July 3, 2010


When Loz found out I was pregnant with Edie, a craft beast awoke within... the new babe would need her very own crocheted blanket. But she came to the sudden realisation that the keeper of the dark Nanna art of crocheting was her Aunty Daph - the elder sister of my Nan, Dinny. She had long since passed away and left her legacy of loved brightly coloured blankets which covered our laps throughout my childhood. A gap had appeared; a glaring hole; a dropped stitch in the chain. These modest heirlooms so associated with one woman that noone had thought that there would come a time where someone else would have to pick up the mantle. So Grandma Loz did. She ran with it. She called on the help of crocheting friends. She channelled the granny within and granny squared it up. She selected colours and got her hook moving. Edie now has her own bassinet and cot blanket - her own heirlooms - most treasured gifts. ... and this week Arlo and Tavish were each presented with their own ... names embroidered to boot... that will one day shift from cot to lap when they are cosying up on the couch. Thanks Loz xxx


Fer said...

Awwww geez, makes me go all gooey inside. :)

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

A new grandchild does that to us all ! I made a quilt ..... though I must say , it's just as well it wasn't twins or I'd be sewing stll .