Saturday, September 4, 2010

Junction is all Wrapped Up

The festival is well and truly over ... but some colourful reminders are hanging in there ... and you thought finishing that scarf in the bottom of your to do pile was a big job??? I mean I still sit firmly in the 'knitting is a dark art' camp. I do not possess the knit one, purl one gene. So these amazing yarn bombed columns that adorn the town hall are awesome. Warms the cockles, non? Specially when I snapped these on the most glorious starts to Spring one could ever hope for!


CurlyPops said...

Wow - those yarn bombers are amazing. It would take me years to knit anything like that!

Fer said...

I was lovely to see so much knit graffiti around town. :)

Belly Designs said...

I was so sad to miss this RAA meet. I had been to the last two and missed the one ion my home state...sigh...hope you had a great time!!!