Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I could tell you that on a daily basis I use my tertiary education and wax lyrical about post modernism and marxist feminist readings of Jane Eyre. I could tell you that my 'spare time' is spent expanding my mind by watching Foreign Correspondent and cheeky little documentaries on climate change and the political state of affairs post-global financial crisis and its impact on the Obama Government. Instead I will tell you that I feed my long standing love for game shows by savouring my guilty pleasure of watching 'Deal or No Deal'. When I am on 'The Deal' I will choose the Number 8 case as it is my second favourite number after 29 (which is not available ... the numbers only go up to 26 "Bulyer!!!"). I would like to tell you I will be brave and go all the way ... but I will be very happy with $10 000 ... but feel it in my waters that I will win $42 000. Until my call up to the Dealerdrome I am happy to jiggle babies and undertake the bedtime routine for the small whilst shouting 'NO DEAL!', 'one more' or 'take the deal' or at the television.

PS As a trivial aside ... in the UK the Deal or no Deal contestants stay the same until they get their call up ... some stay weeks or even months before they get their turn ... spooky!


willywagtail said...

Definitrely take the deal at $10 000. I don't watch telly anymore but do still have a love for these typoe of shows if I am visiting someone who has it on. Cherrie

Although Foreign Correspondent and what goes on under the Egyptian tombs is pretty good too.

Fer said...

$42,000 would keep me happy too, but right now the necessity for a tandem pram and second car seat are more important! Ant got me into that show, for ages I couldn't even understand it. These days we watch 'In the Night Garden' instead, don't know if that's a good thing either....

Gina said...

Hilarious. I'm sure you could pretend to be doing some post-structuralist, neo-feminist critique of 'Deal' while you are watching. Or you could just revel in the gaudiness of it all. I have gone through my own phases of watching, and laughing at all the people who go all 'clairvoyant' on the day. (I bet I would too...)

mrs smith said...

Number 11 for me!

NO DEAL! Just one more.
You know I would get on there and get greedy.

Wheel of Fortune was my talent, but alas the prizes were so supremely shithouse, it wasn't worth the humiliation.

Lock in Number C thanks Eddie!