Sunday, August 31, 2008

Spoils of Market War

Having not written an entry for a while - I thought I should pull the old finger out! After a very late night sewing (until 1am whilst the man studied) Edie and I set out for a quick dash this morning to the local market. It is more of a bric-a-brac market but I like hunting for hidden treasures. Today was indeed a success! Bought some beautiful vintage buttons and ric rac which doesn't appear to have been dipped into. I am a ric rac kind of girl...can't get enough of the stuff. The fact it is still in it's original packaging makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. The lady whose stall they are on is very sweet. I love having a little chat.
The walk to and from the market (only two streets away) is now packed with the joys of spring - Magnolias are in full bloom as too are the camelias ...I can't help just taking a little snip here and there to adorn my kitchen table...I hope no one minds ...they are always hanging over fences ... I promise.
I am now heading off to finish a few sewing bibs and bobs ... will post very soon on what I have been up to...

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blackie said...

was this from the showground market by any chance? I have often bought similar goodies from a lovely lady who runs a stall there. In fact the necklace I just made was mostly buttons from there.