Sunday, August 31, 2008

Attack of the Monochromatics!

So this is what I was sewing until 1am ... got in the zone so kept going. Very pleased with the outcome - the orange and blue is beautiful Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton. I am really happy with the pattern - an idea from my lovely friend Kylie. So I have been experimenting with a few different weights of cotton - I really love this one below - such a beautiful light cotton - perfect for Summer - but Edie has been wearing it to death over her jeans too. She looks like a natural model but I had to chase her around the room snapping away about 50 times before I got this one!

Now I am ready to get the sweat shop really turning over. I packaged my first sale today - all ready to post on Monday. I feel all excited and nervous - I wonder if everyone feels this way?

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Deborah Boland said...

This is really beautiful! Do you have a pattern for this dress/top! Would love to try this for my liitle girl! Your dresses are gorgeous!