Monday, September 1, 2008

Cooking up an Apron

I finished this apron a few weeks ago ... Edie is at the stage now where she likes to stand on a chair next to me while I cook (and while Dunc does the dishes). I have very fond memories of cooking with my Mum! Edie is quite small for 15 months - so the apron is designed for 1- 3 year olds. You fold it over at the waist before you tie it to shorten it a little if desired. It has ties at the neck and waist so it is fully adjustable - oh, and reversible. I have some 'boyish' material on order too for all those little male chefs! I am working on some badges to go on the aprons ...but those are a surprise - stay tuned.


helloitsme said...

Hey chicksta

love the clothes!!..
may need a small person though...


maartje said...

Hi Gemma,

Edie is so cute! And I adore the apron she is wearing. Can you ship about a dozen over to Holland pretty please?

Have some b'day partys coming up.


blackie said...

oh that is adorable! model and apron both.