Thursday, September 25, 2008

Postcard Warfare and Spoils of Market War (Part II)

I am engaged in a dangerous game of postcard warfare with Brooke. We worked together in Singapore many moons ago - in fact is was my first job out of Uni. We shared a mad Danish Boss who believed in keeping the air-con temperature in the office akin to a Danish winter (so we all packed socks and cardigans into our handbags to rug up at work - and then stripped off when we headed back into the tropics outside). Our Boss had many other 'quirks' including taking a little time out in meetings by sleeping on the floor (mid-sentence she'd get on down, laying prostrate to get a little shut eye) and an obsessive compulsion to rearrange your papers and books on your desk so they were all aligned - all while you were trying to work with them. So many more stories could be told ...all a little kooky with a capital 'K'. Anyways, Brooke, the girl from Seattle (and Eva from Cali-forn-i-a) joined the antipodean contingent and much fun was to be had. A decade later we are still in touch. She stayed with us in Sydney when we were there. Ever since she has been trying to get us to come Seattle - birthplace of grunge, Microsoft and Starbucks. Only recently did she step up the campaign. I like to call it Postcard Warfare. Every week or so for the past couple of months we have recieved a postcard showcasing the amazing natural beauty surrounding Seattle. Each postcard abruptly stops mid sentence so we have to wait for the next instalment...we would SO be on that plane jetting off to those foreign Seattle climes - just a little issue re:finance. Needless to say - it has definately created a little postbox joy around this house and some amazing daydreaming about when we finally get there - I promise we ARE coming Brooke. Don't you just love getting mail the old time snail way???
Now here is a bowl-o-market joy if I ever saw one. Responding to a tip off from fellow market attendee I was able to bathe in the beauty of vintage bias binding 100% cotton and oh so beautiful colours. Throw in a few metres of 70s fabric and I was in heaven That's the stuff the bowl is on!). A quick trip to my favourite stall to pick up some more buttons and ric rac it was home again, home again with a spring in my step. With heart pounding from coffee injection... I thought I would use everything I'd just bought and actually try out one of the patterns from my childhood which Loz had brought down on her last trip. The result...
Perfect throw back to the seventies hey??? It is supposed to be size one - but is still a little big on Edie - might have to fiddle and make another one!

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