Monday, September 15, 2008

Chutney Clubs and Grafitti

I'm joining a Chutney Club - such a fabulous idea ... I think I'll make a quince paste which is just delicious with cheese - not exactly a chutney but I've been given the green light. Dunc is actually the preserve maker in the family but I have promised myself I will not cheat and outsource to him! Maybe I will have a go at Dinny's tomato relish - I've been threatening for yonks. Check it out. I think you should join too!

There is a bit of a graffiti blitz going on in my city ... so I thought I better get a quick snap of this guy before he gets obliterated... I'm not a fan of tagging but I love a bit of cheeky guerilla embellishment in an otherwise unloved spot.

He looks as if he has had a very big night to me! Thank you unidentified artist - I think he's lovely.

I've just had my sister down. We literally dropped Grandma Loz off at the airport and collected Aunty Simmy (Well coordinated family!) She bought me this gorgeous deco light fitting for my birthday - I LOVE it. It now has pride of place in our otherwise unrenovated lounge room.

We had such a lovely couple of days (I say lovely alot, don't I) - now Edie is having withdrawals - 7 consecutive days of a granddaughter/ niece love fest and I all of a sudden seem a little lax on the attention scale. So lousy Mummy!

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