Thursday, September 11, 2008

Could the real Loz please stand up!

Loz came to visit this week - she goes back to Melbourne tomorrow. Edie has had lots of fun hanging out with Grandma Loz - they cooked the bolognaise sauce together. Loz couldn't believe that a 15 month old would stand on a chair concentrating for an hour. I have loved having my Mum down. We don't stop talking... and she pins ruffles onto my dresses - one of my least favourite jobs. She's like that, Loz.
See if you can see Duncan and I in the next shot - he is the one doing the move from Staying Alive to get Edie to look at the camera and not at the food - a tough call! Loz 'acquired' the blossom in the green bottle on the table on her walk with Edie - see it's not my fault that I gather flowers on my walks - it's genetic.

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Ellie said...

That second picture is beautiful.

My son was like that at that age and still has a massive love for cooking to this day. When we prep dinner he has his own chopping board, knife and makes his own little creations.

Truly joyous.