Sunday, September 7, 2008

Spring Chicken and Mushrooms

We have some new arrivals in the family - six wee chicks - which we hope are chickens (but a couple, we suspect, may be roosters). Edie is intrigued by them, but a little unsure. Dunc built an awesome temporary 'hutch' out of cardboard for the little cuties. With our fruit trees blossoming, the chicks chirping and the lovely warm days we are having - I feel like I could stand in a clam shell, fashion my hair like Venus and be a pin up for Spring. It all got me in the mood to tackle a new apron ... it was on order with a couple of requests for green polka dots with pink. It was stumping me until I received a little inspiration via this gorgeous japanese mushroom fabric. I did a bit of a happy dance when I saw the result ... what do you think?

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