Sunday, December 14, 2008

Baby loves Babycino; Mumma loves Vintage

Ah... her first babycino at the lovely Hobart cafe Tricycle at the Arts Centre down Salamanca way. She hoed in with her vintage Canberra spoon whilst my needle gently sewed some final rosettes for the Mother's market. She has a Black Eyed Susie clip in hair. She doesn't know it's there. I tricked her. Otherwise she'd have pulled it out. Her cast is now off. It was more of an ordeal than the injury. The rotary saw me-jiggy was sooo loud as it ominously approached, spinning like something a Mad Max movie would strap to the side of a vehicle. Edie was screaming, and I mean screaming. I had to hold her little arm down, Dunc held her ... neither looked at each other for fear of bursting into uncontrollable sympathy screaming. After being so happy in the waiting room, when we finally reappeared sans cast but with very post-distressed wee one everyone's faces seemed to share the trauma.
Anyways I have been remiss. I have not been sharing. I am in the naughty bin. I have had so many amazing little vintage finds, gifts and swaps and I have not shown them. But this is changing. It starts frtom today - each post I'm sharing the vintage love. Starting with this cheeky tip off from the lovely Phoebe. She's into roller derby. They are starting a league in Tassie. More on that later. She emailed me to go get some. Orange and blue, she said. Go and check it out. So I did. Below.
...and some cheeky Esk Market finds. Love the caravan curtains. Makes me feel like a road trip, sipping a travel mug of tea whilst the traffic banks up.
Will post more soon - I have been given some vintage treats from very generous people.


mrs smith said...

My sister used to lease that cafe . Before it was Tricycle it was Suttons At Salamanca. We Suttons are everywhere.


Ellie said...

She truly is the most delicious little creature in blogland (apart from my own of course ;-p)

I adore her little cardy.

tam said...

Aww I am glad your little darling's broken wing is healed!

Hoppo Bumpo said...

The first babycino is a definite milestone! She looks absolutely gorgeous with her little cup and spoon. Its a lovely photo.

Vegan and Vintage said...

Cutie! LOVE those fabric prints, I can't wait to get to tassie next week and hit the op shops!

The word verification is latinowl!!!! he he xx