Sunday, December 14, 2008


I love the ocean. Now that I live away from it, when I glimpse it my heart jumps a little. Ocean air makes me feel all relaxed and I feel the clarity creeping back. Lazy drives with friends and family. Inspiring meanderings. New oceans and places bring new thoughts. Recharged.


2paw said...

I was so happy to move back to a place where I could at least see some water, such as it is here. I saw a programme on TV where there was an American woman who had never seen the ocean. How strange to be in that position. I have seen the bodies of water on all sides of our state. There is something special about the ocean!!
There's something about the ocean air!!

D said...


tam said...

Aw the ocean is my element! Being a southern California girl I was a beach bum. I too get the same feelings when I visit my favorite place to be!