Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Niche - All Wrapped Up

Well the handmade love in that is Niche is all over ... A big thank you to all of you who swung by and said hello, had a kind word or walked away with a little something xxImage courtesy of Fer

Thank you Fer for this lovely photo ... Never seen myself behind a stall before. Weird...I'm wearing a beautiful heart for market courage from Ms Curly Pops (more on that later!) and that's Eve - Craft Princess lurking, doing stuff.Such a beautiful market and it felt kinda special to be amongst such amazingly talented company. Such beautiful stalls and handmade products abounded from various nooks and crannies all along the gallery space. The Academy of the Arts space is awesome. This photo doesn't really do it justice. I was a bit lazy with the camera this time around ... wasn't so easy to stray from my stall...if you want more, more, more check out Black-Eyed Susie, That Vintage, Dick and Dora, Red Bamboo - they've all been doing a bit of blogging action.

...and yes - that is Edie's high chair which she went without for the weekend as I had a minor dilemma about not having a big enough hanging rack ... so down came the curtain rail and I lashed it all sailor-like to the high chair - so inventive and budget under pressure, you might say!

Many thanks to Selena Palmer at St Giles ... once again a beautiful market all due to organisational brilliance and your wonderful passion for us crafty, designer types. Big love, sister xx Usual ho hum bloggin entries will resume tomorrow.


JasperBoy said...

Thanks for the Niche wrap-up. Your stall looked really inviting.

Have I missed seeing the link on your side bar before? I only just noticed that Loz and Dinny are set to come to Melbourne. Are you coming over Gemma??

Jen in Melbourne

Tania said...

NOW I get just how busy you have been. Your stall looks absolutely fab. Now just sit yourself down and have a nice cup of tea for a while.

D said...

i think it's all tute-brilliant Gem-gemma.
three cheers!

i myself walked in super fast and walked out faster on account of my trying to save for Japanese trip goodies.

when's the next one?


Pippi Langstrumpf said...

The stall looked great! Well done.
Niche looked fabulous - hope it will be a regular event.

Fer said...

It was a perfect weekend for crafty greatness.

Looking forward to the next one!

Loz and Dinny said...

Hi jen in Melbourne- yes I'm coming - planning to blog about it when things die down here! I Love the convent and my sisters live in Melbourne so even more excited!

mrs smith said...

Gem Sophie's blue wool dress of yours accidentally went through the washer and dryer and came up a treat!
That material is a ripper.