Wednesday, May 20, 2009

we're back

Aaah fair Melbourne, we salute you. It was indeed a flying visit but you did not disappoint. From kick off you were but wonderful - the perfect host. It was really strange to be back, you know. Like putting on an old jumper and realising your body shape had changed a little.
The aunties stepped in and stepped out with the wee one from go. She thought it was gold. Trains and trams and urban playgrounds. Old haunts, familiar footpaths... handmade meccas. Remembering to look up in tight spaces when pushing the pram, in places where once I waddled with pregnant belly.
Remembering to give a tutorial or two along the way on the finer points of the Melbourne cafes and their coffees (and smoothies)
But mostly being with family and getting to have an early celebration together for the arrival of 2 years of Edie- a landmark where my baby girl has somehow so quickly arrived.
PS the market was lovely ... thanks for stopping by and also so, so good to catch up with friends who dropped in (lovely to meet you Jen in Melbourne!). Hope we can visit again soon - this time for longer methinks.


JasperBoy said...

Thank you so much Gemma for bringing 'Loz and Dinny' to town. It was very exciting to meet such a famous designer!!

I hope to see you back again soon, but I think I'm due to give Tassie a visit too. I've got people, shops and markets that definitely warrant a trip over the waters for.

The bag is hanging patiently on my wardrobe door, waiting for its first library expedition with my best friends young 'un on Friday.

Thanks for everything.

Jen in Melbourne

Tania said...

See how patient I've been waiting for you to deal with the licorice fallout and get your act together to answer 'SO, HOW WAS IT?'. Sounds like it was a mighty fine soiree - with the best bit possibly the excellent Auntie love/help. Come back soon.

Loz and Dinny said...

Thanks so much for coming to see me, Jen - it was so so lovely to meet you in the flesh! I think 'famous designer' might be stretching things a little though - I mean I'm no Jean Paul Gautier!!I hope your friends like my until the next Melbourne Market, take care! xx