Thursday, April 22, 2010

A call to Bear Tea Arms!

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Ok people - a little invite to supprt local and fairtrade - and feel all smug when you sit down to enjoy your next cuppa. Just went to have a little peek at the lovely Tara's Blog and found this.

This is from Corinne Noyes, The founder of Madame Flavour Teas:

"This morning I make my way to Fujian province to spend a week with our green and white tea growers discovering firsthand the tradition and wonderful variety of Chinese tea.I am troubled though and writing to ask for your support.You may have heard that the Woolworths/Safeway tea buyer recently left. Their entire range will now be reviewed with a view to deleting teas not selling enough according to their corporate requirements.We have grown over 100%, but as a small business, Madame is vulnerable.On the 19th of April, I have a meeting with the new buyers to present our wonderful teas and the difference they make.Between now and then, I ask that you show your love of Madame Flavour by; no other way to put it: buying and spreading the word as you never have before.To thank you for your continued support, I am excited to invite 10 Kindred Spirits to High Tea at The Hotel Windsor in Melbourne. To join me, I ask that you mail me your Madame Flavour buying and spreading the word story of 25 words or less. I will chose the winners May 30th and publish them and the High Tea date in my next newsletter.This could make all the difference in the wonderful story we have to tell when we look back 20 years from now at these early days.Thank-you for your passion and generosity in our shared adventure. I will let you know how I go.Kindest RegardsCorinne - owner and founder"

I know it is a little past the 19th April but it couldn't hurt to descend upon your local woolies and exercise a little consumer muscle and clock one up for the little but ethical guy, non? I love the Green Jasmine and Pear variety... ever since Eve Craft Princess brought some round for afternoon tea. More about Madame Flavour can be found here.


2paw said...

I saw this lady on a show on TV, somewhere, and I was amazed to see the tea in Roelf Vos a few weeks ago so I bought some. Tea is very poorly treated, sometimes I can't buy what I consider to be just an essential, like plain peppermint tea. I bought some English Breakfast and it was lovely to drink.

Pippi Langstrumpf said...

Hello! How are you?!

I'm a bit of a tea snob but bought 3 different varieties the other day and *love* them.

Hope she will go ok.

Fer said...

Must pull my finger out and buy some. How you feeling?

Mlle La Revolution des Cache-Pots said...

Thanks for posting this again Gemma, and helping spread the word (I'm happy for you to use pics from my blog, don't worry!!)
I met Madame Flavour/Corinne Noyes this week and had a great afternoon tea together, she's soooo lovely and a really passionate and energetic person, I felt a bit star-struck actually ;-)

She gave me a tin of her newest tea, a mint blend with Australian river mint....its divine!

I hope you're feeling well and not finding this pregnancy too much? I keep wanting to catch up with you though I never like spending much time in town now...prefer my little home nest and to be calm and rest a lot...its all new for me and at 7 months preggers baby is really enjoying practicing for the circus in my womb!!! I cannot imagine how it must be with twins though...would you like me to drop around sometime soonish with some of this Madame Falvour Mint tea for you to try too? It'll be so lovely to see you again! (The other side of nesting is that I don't see many people which I do mind sometimes!)
Big hugs and kisses, xxxx Tara

ecoMILF said...

So nice to find more fairtrade products to support- and of course, who doesn't love tea!! Thanks for letting me know about it. xo m.

Ellie said...

LOL you are a girl after my own heart. I actually have the EarL Grey Twist box sitting her on my desk at work. They are gorgeous. teas.