Monday, November 1, 2010

Gardening by the Riot Act

Our garden (or parts of it) is looking all Spring lovely. The herbs have gone bananas (no actual bananas, just beserk) and my random cuttings of daisies have bloomed. And then there are those irises. The irises that must have overheard Dunc and my conversation a few weeks back, where we whinged that if they didn't bloom this year after squatting on prime garden land for the past two years ... they were destined for eviction. Amazing what a little fear can inspire in flora. They are glorious.
PS thank you for all your kind words re: craft fairgate. All is calm. Normalcy returned. Glue still in place. Sponge baths, de rigeur.

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Fer said...

Oh I do love the sight of a happy iris! The fruit trees have been wonderful this year too. :)