Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shoulder Ties, cake and fairies

These dresses seemed to be a firm favourite on the market circuit last summer. Some beautiful new fabrics for them this season ... I love cotton voile - it is my absolute favourite. I am still squeezing Edie into her size 1 shoulder tie dress ... as a top ... I'm not making her flash her knickers in public or anything like that. Anyways ... she does that of her own accord. Public rolly pollies are de rigeur.

It's been a magical weekend. I got excitedly summoned from my sewing frenzy to eat this ...

and yesterday we all got to go to the magical fairy garden party as a fundraiser for the Clifford Craig Foundation. I realised at the last minute we had no suitable fairy wings ... and wings were the ticket to a free icecream ... so I whipped some up using some stiff vintage, flocked organza I have kicking around in the 'I love it, but what to do?' pile. They had a white elephant stall there- and I picked up some booty - will post later! The garden was to die for ... made me get all inspired so I bought a stack of pot plants from their plant stall too! Just a quick post - back to turning straps and shirring elastic. Don't be jealous.

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Fer said...

Was that a birthday cake for you? If so then Happy Birthday!! Gorgeously decorated as well. :)

I have some Anna Maria Horner voile that I've been fondling on and off for a while, trying to decide what best to make of it.