Monday, July 25, 2011

Embracing the Dark Arts

What better way to conquer my fear of the Dark Art otherwise known as 'knitting' than at Knit Lab? This month we slipped in an extra Brown Owls meet to get amongst the knitted excellence that is on offer at this beautiful, interactive exhibition of woollen joy. I thought I would be heading straight to the pom pom making as the skill of knitting has, well, alluded me in my grown up days. I mean ... yes ... there were the valiant efforts in primary school ... but always the same outcome .... a scarf that collected stitches along the way until it resembled a giant triangle... a familiar story? But Isis, the left hander who knits right handed, reckoned I should give it a whorl... so on she cast (for me) and with her expert instruction off I knitted and purled... See! First row complete. How lovely is that knitted row against Amy's muffins and my AIRAC thermus? It was Brown Owls ... craft minus cake = crime. ...and there it is on the Knit Lab pixel wall ... my humble knitted square. Stocking stitch no less. Apparently I've got good tension ... a dark and broody knitter am I? I can't believe how fun it was ... I think I might have travelled to the dark side? As long as there is home delivery service for casting on?

... and on my knitted high, I joined my family at our favourite park for a spot of playground and racing.

Want more photos of Brown Owls at Knit Lab? Go here - Amy remembered to take pictures of the EVENT not just the knitting at hand! More photos of Knit Lab? Go here. Many thanks to Abigail and Isis for our Knit Lab arvo xx

The Knit Lab Exhibition is on at Sawtooth ARI, 160 Cimitiere St, Launceston until the end of this month ... make sure you get along to it!!!


willywagtail said...

O dfear. I might not be able to talk to you any more. You CAN knit. I can't. It's my tension you see......(And my brain too). Cherrie

Isis said...

best student ever!

next step.. casting on. i have no doubt you'll take to it like a brown owl near cake :)

Gina said...


Ames and Tash said...

Very impressed by your knit-ability! Was a crafty fun sort of afternoon.

Fer said...

Of course you can knit! Never doubted it for a second. ♥

Black Eyed Susie said...

I'll cast on for you!