Monday, March 26, 2012

Ideas Man

I used to be the world's best present buyer.  OK.  So that is not exactly quantifiable, but let's just say I used to get a large amount of joy and satisfaction out of searching for and acquiring the choice present.  Fast forward a few years ... and I suck.  Some people are easy to buy for, but most are just plain impossible to think up a good gift for. I just hate buying something that I know is not going to hit the mark.  I know people apprecriate the thought and all that ... but they don't appreciate having to display/wear/ serve on/ hang up/ use a crap present only when you come over.  I know people.  Most hate to offend.

Without a doubt the men in my life are the hardest. My brother-in-laws are the top of the list of dreaded birthdays.  I try to get my Man to do the choosing - but even he struggles. So since I love making gifts, I've gone all out.  This year the brother-in-law is getting this.  It's so belated, I almost kept it for Xmas.  But what is it? Well, it's a hard covered lecture pad, and I made the cover from vinyl.  He may hate it.... but I am appealing to his sense of humour.  He will get the reference.  Plus he's doing his MBA, so it's not like he doesn't need something to take notes in ... who doesn't need a little humour injection in some of those lectures?

I made one just like it at Xmas time for another dear man.  His may be hidden at the back of a drawer as we speak... but I have to get points for trying, non? And I made a different version way back when for my man's birthday.  He still uses it.  He's OK with it.  SO I've decided.  This is this year's pressie.  Done.  No more said.


CurlyPops said...

Well I love it... and I know an Ideas Woman who would love something similar. Do you mind if I borrow your idea?

Tanya said...

It's very cool. No need to second guess, it's wonderful and a great present and a cool guy is going to recognise that.