Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I've had a birthday. I am no longer early thirties. I am mid. The day started well with Edie deciding to wake early. Very early. Like 'just sun up 5.30am' early. She picked the perfect day to get up with the birds because I got to have a birthday sleep in, to be able to swan on down the stairs at 7.45am to fresh brewed coffee (mother's milk) and pancakes. The day of birth ended well too...Dunc returned from Uni with a bottle of wine and directions to 'drink and be merry whilst I prepare dinner' voila! The man made me fish pie accompanied with asparagus and rocket sauteed in a lemon butter. The man is a food sex god. He has never even tried it before - thought he'd just whip it up. I love that sort of carry on...
Which brings me to pressies - I got a voucher and I have decided to spend it on undies. You see Edie has developed a penchant for picking my undies out of the clean washing or dryer and wearing them on her head or around her neck. It is always my undies, never her dad's. But the sad thing is - well they are really on their last legs. They are completely 'I just don't care anymore' smalls. Some even have holes. They are the type you have to hang behind larger items on the washing line in case visitors spy them. Man, I used to be a 'only wear the ones that match your bra' kind of girl. The girl has documented right before me my fall from underwear grace. So I am heading to that department store armed with my wee voucher and I am going to get me some spectacular underdungers to accompany my slow slide into 40 (and which Edie can accessorise with without shame).


blackie said...

oh happy birthday! Glad to have found your little blog. I love your daughter's name. My one year old is a 5am waker too. What is with that?!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to you! life in your mid-thirties is a good thing. I can see forty coming, and now embrace it with all my being. You can't clock up the big, happy and important things in your life without adding a few years along the way!

my youngest wakes at 6.15am without fail, hoping daylight savings will make a difference (starting tonight)

great blog!