Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Spoilt Johnny Rotten

I have been really spoilt lately. Embarassingly so. I keep meaning to pop some photos up of the fruits of my spoiling but have been remiss. So from here I change! I had lovely visitors from WA. They have known me forever. We were neighbours back when ABBA t-shirts and Wonder Woman was current and cool (not retro-cool). Anyways my Aunty Lyn (fake Aunty like but fake family cherished) and Jenelle (her daughter therefore fake cousin-like, I know you get the picture) popped down to the Apple Isle. They brought with them the most generous of presents - so so naughty. But anyways being a crafty blog I know you will salivate at the following story. My Aunty Lyn (A.L.) now lives in a pocket of the South West of WA near Margaret River. Near her is Darnell's General Store. It has been going since 1932 and the interior of the store is still in original condition. In fact it still has lots of hidden treasures from bygone days. Knowing my penchant for all things sewing-like A.L. heads in and practically clears out their habadashery section and brings it to Tassie for me. Is that not the most wonderful thing ever??? She has since returned and taken some snaps of the store for me to put up here. I tell you - the store is a national treasure ... seek it out when next you are in that beautiful part of the world!
So here is my lovely gift from Darnell's. An assortment of vintage buttons, ric rac and other trimmings and some patterns. I tell you I lovingly stroked those buttons before sorting them into colours! I also got some lovely fabric but it's dark now so the photos are no good son.

Here is Bill. His father, Bill Senior, started the store in 1932. This Bill started working there with his father and has now been there for 60 years. And here is the aladdin's cave of treasures within all the original shelving!

Here is the outside. Just so lovely! Thanks Bill and thank you Aunty Lyn!


2paw said...

Fabulous present!! I love all the buttons, and ric-rac. There was a shop like that in Queenstown many years ago!!

Black Eyed Susie said...

Great loot. I can't beleive I missed that shop when we lived in the west. There was another shop a bit like that in Latrobe back in the late 80s - alas it's long gone now.

blackie said...

Oh my! Spoilt or what?! You lucky lucky girl!