Wednesday, April 8, 2009

and so to the market - hobart

We did the morning drive to Hobart to take part in the first of 'the market'. I tell you - I thanked the extra hour gained through the end of daylight saving as we got moving 5am ... that was really 6am, right? I didn't take any photos ... the reason why escapes me so I have snaffled these from the market blog ... more beautiful images there... make sure you have a little peek. Such an eclectic and inspired collection of creative, talented types all in a cosy art deco space. The drive down saw me with my head down finishing off a couple of press studs and rosettes ... thank god I don't get spewy - my sister, Blythe is a green faced motion sickness wonder as is Loz - they have to snack on nuts and cheese and biscuits like wee squirrels on most trips ... made for great travel when we were kids though - Loz always had the cool supplies and would dish them out at regular intervals. Cars are diet free zones in my family. We prefer savoury when we jetset - eyes firmly fixed on horizons. Anyways - the market was beautiful ... many thanks to Bec, Holly and Shannon for their amazing organisation and the exceptionally friendly market space they created what appeared effortlessly... and many thanks for having me xxx can I come back, pretty please???


mrs smith said...

Where is your online shop GB?

Vikki said...

Hello beautiful,

Still amazing stuff!! Are you making boys clothes too?? A friend of mine was enquiring as I've mentioned your blog to quite a few peeps.

Lol xx