Friday, April 17, 2009

Day of the Triffod Tomatoes

We have a veritable plethera of tomatoes in our garden. Sown, self sown and unexplained sown. So now we have tomatopolooza. This photo is only the tip of the tomato iceberg. We give them away and still they come. So it was time to don the hairnet and coat and bottle up.
Started with Dinny's tomato relish ... moved onto passata. Got the recipe from here and it worked a treat. So then went to monthly craft night (Dunc calls it Eve's craft coven) and did this for the tops of the big jars... we were having a lino cutting themed night.

We were so darn pleased with our efforts we are now moving onto screenprinting. Marree did an awesome Babushka and Georgia pulled out this amazing flying bird. Eve did a fan design. We are hot. Just so you know it apparently runs in Georgia's family. Check out what her 8 year old son whipped up over here this week.

Stylist: Joshua Smith
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Ellie said...

Have you thought about maybe trying to sun dry them?

We had a huge haul last spring from plants that came up through our old compost with absolutely no love or care from us just water.

CurlyPops said...

Yummo! There's nothing better than homemade tomato relish. It's the perfect condiment for each and every meal.