Thursday, June 11, 2009


Edie and I built a new dining area for the frog. We felt he needed a decent table and chairs. The lily pad and pond just wasn't cutting it for this town froggy. Then we served him some coffee, some tea, some porridge and some cake. Mama elvis left the building ie went to hang out washing and on return Maitre D' Edie had got out the funky crockery (hold breathe) arranged it neatly on the table (exhale) and invited me to tea too.
Tasted even better when I found out Dunc was paying. Gold!
Dunc's last assessment task due today ... think we are all a little excited that mid semester break will be arriving Chez Burns.


potty mouth mama said...

So damn cute. Love Mr Frog. Love his new digs. Love that Edie didn't hold back on bringing out the good crockery. And love that tea was paid for.

Bring on mid-semester, I know your pain. x

Fer said...

I think we'd be amazed to know how many times we hold our breaths around the wee ones!

Mr Frog is cool.