Sunday, June 21, 2009


Gemma's tips on how to have a rockin' good time.

Please spend your last three days:
1. Covered in Licorice and olive vomit
2. Covered in Licorice and olive vomit (deja vu after stripping down from first)
3. Sucking in fumes from aforementioned vomit in the 2 hour drive home (nude - Edie that is , not me)
4. Covered in cheese and cracker vomit (narrowly missing easily cleanable floorboards to instead cover you and the couch)
5. Scrubbing extensively aforementioned vomit from sisters new highly prized designer cushions
which missed floorboards... (and after you have just finished airing out her car you borrowed for ill fated road trip mentioned earlier)
6. Spend a 6.5 hour holiday hot date in emergency with hubby as he suffers from dumpling enduced gastro (whilst he chants repeatedly... 'I am going to kill those dumpling bastards'... outside security post and under those posters which say 'violence will not be tolerated in the emergency department')
7. Get 4 hours sleep in time for early morning dash to airport with vomiter and gastro victim in order to fly home (fingers, toes and sphincters crossed that none of early mentioned incidents were to be repeated as in flight entertainment)



Tania said...

Oh, oh, oh! You'll never leave home again. And nor will your sister want you to. And nor will the passengers who sat next to you on the plane. Sending you many get well wishings and servings of dry toast via cyberspace.

Thanks to you, I will never be able to look a stick of licorice in the eye again.

mrs smith said...

Oh Gem. What a disaster! You poor buggers all! We are here to help with babysitting etc so you can catch up on sleep from your vomitron-themed weekend from hell.

JasperBoy said...

Hi Gemma,

Sorry to hear about your chucky weekend. Gastro - never fun.

It did make great reading though. So thanks!!!

Jen in Melbourne

Loz and Dinny said...

Hi Jen
We like to keep the spew induced humour flowing aroung these parts - all part of the family fun.

CurlyPops said...

Why is it always the hubby and the kids that do the spewin' while the wife always cleans up?
I certainly don't envy your weekend!

Bek said...

mmm not nice. Hope you are all feeling better soon!

Ellie said...

Can't. Get. Crossed. Sphincters. Image. Out. Of. My. Head.


p.s was at another obscure online store the other day and your gorgy model was on the front page.

Rach said...

Oh No! Double oh No! What a #hit!

Love those dates in emergency - I've had one of those. Started with me being the patient and ended 2 hours later with Steve being far sicker than me. I think the Dr's exact words where 'I haven't seen vomitting like that in quite a long time...' Needless to say I drove all the vomitters home as Steve's hands were firmly clutching the sick bag.

Fer said...

Oh, my ......

That truly sucks. I'm glad to see you've still got a sense of humour.

Jo said...

Oh crap! (literally). What an adventure, you deserve a big rest after looking after that lot.

Lexi @ PottyMouthMama said...

You guys really know how to party.

I hope everyone's better now. xxx

Black Eyed Susie said...

You poor things. Not how I hoped your weekend would be. Still looking like I might make it on Wed!

clare's craftroom said...

Funny(yeah) we had an "episode" here like that last night . Daughter went into brothers room and threw up everywhere . Gotta love kids , lol !

Poppy Fay said...

Oh, Gemma!

Dick and Dora said...

Sorry to hear it and I hope everything has returned to normal. Have had a bit of that going on here too followed up by the bambino telling anyone who would listen that "my breakfast came out my mouth and I dont know where it came from".