Thursday, June 4, 2009


Yep ... Launceston Brown Owls is due for kick off. If you haven't already joined up go here. Click on Launceston Membership and do the deal. Then go here and get all the location details and stuff and RSVP.

Mrs Smith is coming... and Eve craft princess and Black-eyed Susie and D. There's more on the list, intrigued?

All levels of craft skill welcome from beginner to extreme Nanna. What's it all about??? Go here
and... if you felt there weren't enough linketty links in this post ... go here... because someone had a dream about me ... house renovation porn for those interested xx


Tania said...

Sheesh. Do you reckon Brown Owls by Correspondence would work?

sophiehillartist said...

this is a rather cryptic entry... i must click all the links!

Fer said...

Ooo, exciting! I joined up a few weeks ago - just hope I can come!

Recycled relix said...

Bugger, I just went to join but its sold out!!