Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Loz and Dinny Fringe Challenge Wrap Up!

Thank you all and sundry for your birthday wishes - I can't tell you how much fun it has been seeing all the amazing entries in this challenge - all I could see when I looked at this fringe was lions and horses ... thus I tackled a hobby horse with inspiration from here. Sure he needs a few finishing touches but this afternoon I was surprised with a a veritable plethera of unexpected birthday visitors ... who spoilt me ... and to all the crafty wee crafters who took part - you have spoilt me with such amazing creativity, wit and just plain luscious eye candy. Want the wrap up? Here's what's in:

Isis made the most beautiful of rosettes - divine!

Mrs Smith, the craft minx, lit up my world with the kitsch lampshade that went 'straight to the pool room'

Minimon - our international entrant - came up with this beauty and this colourful gem- gorgeous

Myrtle and Eunice produced this classy bag and managed to use the challenge to justify a special fabric buying trip... artful, Tania - nice work!!

Kylie over at 3 Sheets partnered the trim with a found vintage bedspread for a match made in heaven ... and embroidered too! So fancy and droolworthy (The toast with a tea cup of gin was icing!)

Curly, I mean Superpops' entry gave me a serious early morning belly laugh waking up to her entry - it can fit in the handbag for quick change in any crafting emergency!

My Black Cardigan came up with the sweetest and most inventive idea! The crowns are just adorable!! I want one!!

Little Red Clog has excelled in making a gorgeous bag - love the blue, woo hoo!

Clutterpunk recycled some little girls jeans to make the pants any cowboy would salivate over - yeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaaa! Her post is hysterical!

and the ever wonderful Willy Wagtail produced three treats: the most beautiful patchworked bag, a brooch and a wacky grumpy old man purse ... no need for doubt my friend - you are a gifted crafter xx

I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed this whole challenge malarky. I have absolutely no idea how the hell I am going to pick a winner (not of the nasal variety - that would be a cinch). So I am going to do what any birthday gal should do ... I am going to sleep on it. Only divine intervention is going to separate any of these ... and your enthusiam for the challenge has been a really special birthday treat! Big Crafty Love to you all xx ... until tomorrow ...


willywagtail said...

You're a crafty gal too. Don't forget to include yours. Maybe you could wirte the names all over a poster and the do a pin the tail on the donkey. I still say Curlypops is my choice for the sheer imagination of her creation. Cherrie

Kylie said...

The horse is fabulous, Gemma! What a wonderful idea. Does there have to be a winner? Surely we already are winners with our gift of your lovely trim? but yes, if I had to choose, it'd be Super Pops! :) K

M* (Melanie) said...

It looked like a great giveaway idea. I love all the entries, so diverse and creative. Curly pops cracked me up but they are all such clever creative people!

Nikki Cardigan said...

Your horse is beautiful Gemma. Another great idea. I can't believe how many different uses people found for the one bit of trim. It was such an inspired challenge. Thankyou.

And great to hear you were spoilt for your birthday. That's what birthdays are for!

Tania said...

I reckon I could think of a cowboy who might be a bit excited by a matching trim horse! You're going to have sort E out with some matching trim trousers.

Excellent to hear it was a spoilt rotten sort of birthday day!

christine said...

Wow Gemma - this is one hot horsey!

Glad to hear you had a lovely birthday! Unexpected visitors are the best aren't they?

Thanks for the challenge - I've loved being a part of it! I'm so getting into this blogging thing now!

sophiehillartist said...

Either I have been living under a rock, or you have been keeping your coming of age on the down low?

h a p p y b i r t h d a y !

and I LOVE the hobby horse - what a brilliant idea - reminds me of a ratty old red and black one that I had as a little girl... which I think I ended up "marrying" under the stairs in my fairy costume - using cheezels as wedding rings.

To be a child again.
Life was so simple!
(And marrying a horse wasn't strange!)

beck said...

I have loved checking out all the amazing mustard fringe items that have been created! Good on you for thinking up this challenge and happy, happy birthday to you xo

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

So glad you had a great day !
I hope someone trimmed some party hats with the gold trim for you !
Good luck with choosing ....an impossible task ! My verification word is jorses !!! so the oracle has spoken ! Your hobby horse sweeps the board .

CurlyPops said...

That challenge was so much fun - I loved seeing how everyone came up with such different ideas for the same piece of trim. Can't wait for the next one!

Loz and Dinny said...

Smitonius and Sonata - thanks for your vote on the horse ... but I think awarding myself the prize is a bit like the b'day girl winning the pass the parcel at her own party!! Next challenge - you are in, like Flynn xx

Jo said...

Oh wow, what a lot of clever lovliness, no wonder you couldn't choose!!!

Loz and Dinny said...

Hi Jo! I know - they were all amazing - so much easier pulling one our of a hat!!

Kate said...

Oh wow, I saw so many of those entries and had no idea where they came from. It was a fantastic challenge and the diversity of the entries proved it. Well done.