Tuesday, August 3, 2010


We like nothing more than a spot of craft around these parts (or kwaft if you are the small).
Craft of choice = "sticking". Crack out the clag, Mumma .. there's some glueing to be done. I love the concentration... envious really ... I'm lucky if I can concentrate long enough to remember why I have just gone into the loungeroom... or what exactly I was meant to buy from the shop when I'm standing in the dairy section... if only the hardest challenge we set for ourselves in a day was whether to run with the purple dots or red overlocker fabric trimmings...or whether to use the glue brush provided or upend the glue pot at will.


Anonymous said...

She is ever so sweet!

My Little has just mastered cutting, so now it is cut, glue, cut, re-glue, playdough. Followed by a spot of garden trimming with the plastic scissors. Gorgeous.

Fer said...

Aaahh Clag, a little girl's best friend!

Tania said...

According to the Mr (who cruelly impersonates), I still concentrate like that whenever I tackle anything involving cotton yarn and a hook.