Monday, August 30, 2010

Niche Away for another day

Had such a lovely time at Niche. It was very lovely to share a stall and hang with this gal. It was lovely to revel in the superb aroma of all things handmade. It was lovely to eat cupcakes. It was lovely to buy uber cool ring. It was lovely to do a swap and get me paws on goodies from this talent oozing lass. It was lovely to meet a whole barrel of stall holders. It was just lovely to be amongst 'eau de market'. It was lovely to see some old customers faces. It was so lovely I forgot to take photos. I took but one and then got sidetracked. Sorry. Suse took some. Go there.


willywagtail said...

Sounds like, all things considered, you had a lovely time ;) That's great. Keep it up when you can. Makes parenting more fun too me thinks. Cherrie

Fer said...

You're right, it was lovely. Just wish I had more money to spend though!