Friday, August 13, 2010

Niche - All Wrapped up

I hadn't really meant to sew much for Niche ... but I saw that spotted fabric at Fresh Fabric in Deloraine and it got my mind racing. The red was in my stash. I just love bright dresses. I felt all inspired again. I had a cheeky two hours up my sleeve, off parental duty. I woke up knowing I could be gloriously uninterrupted. That the house would be still, not a creature stirring. It is amazing how combinations previously undiscovered jump out at you when you have minutes, not seconds to peruse your fabric cupboard. I just love fabric. Stroke and love, stroke and love. It is amazing that I no longer take for granted the whirr of my sewing machine.

But ...back on duty now ... trying to get afternoon quiet time happening for the tired and grumpy small. Successful is not a word I would necessarily apply to the current situation in the Ministry of Small Affairs... but like my sewing ... we will no doubt get there... hopefully without as much political spin as we are seeing in the lead up to the current election ... but that is seriously debatable!


Black Eyed Susie said...

Aha, I knew that would happen if you even walked past that shop, but did you heed my warning? No? It's so lovely in there isn't it?

willywagtail said...

I don't just think you are amazing - now I know it.Did you do all that work in 2 hrs?!! Wow. Kidlats are most important though because those years of input pass so fast. Cherrie

Fer said...

It is sad in some ways that we now have to go to Deloraine for decent fabric, but I don't mind an excuse to go there though!

I'm so glad you're managing to get some time to yourself, for sanity sake!

red bamboo said...

I love the fabrics that are out there too - just can't sew to save myself!! Would love to get to see what you are putting on your stall - I'm knee deep in soy wax at this end!