Sunday, January 4, 2009

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Happy New Year. 2009. Wow. 2009. When I was a kid I thought that by now our chief mode of travel would be intergalactic and fashion space suit inspired... We are already feeling the vibe for new beginnings in our house. Our wonky house. Our abode. We painted. The white room. It's KLF inspired - ah ha ah ha. Sorry. Obscure music references are my passion. There is a need for sunglasses, even at night it's so bright and well ... clean looking. As you can see Dunc carried out the instructions from the foreman to a 'T'.'You have to block that bit up, mate! Oh and by the way, mate's rates?'
'I sit, I sit' She looks so serene in this photo - she must have been taking a quick breather!

Now the room is complete (just some of our art works that need to be removed from the vault and hung - we like to keep our vast collection on rotation!) So today. Lovely Sunday. Sunshiney Sunday. Market Sunday.
Stepping out in the new dress. Beautiful linen teemed with some gorgeous vintage trimming scored at a cute wee recycling depot hidden off the main street in Latrobe - I think it is called the old bottle shop or something a rather - aladdin's cave, my friends. Open Sesame. Explore.
Flower for Mummy relocated from someone else's garden - she is her mother's daughter; her grandmother's granddaughter. The dress actually has three beautiful tucks in the front but it doesn't really show up in this photo. I am going to make a few of these dresses - but this fabric is just for Edie. Her special dress. Anyways ... to market. On the theme of new year's sprucing, I scored this tupperware ... to organise my pantry within an inch of it's life. and I just had to give these little beauties a new home. They looked so lonely on the $1 table....and then there was the 'real reason' we go to the market - we visited the special farmers stalls at the market. There are only a couple - but well worth ferreting them out. The produce was so beautiful I just had to take a snap when we got home.
All seasonal - all sunshiney... Edie has already devoured most of the raspberries but it will be a Sunday chook roast tonight with the new season dutch creams, parsnip, pumpkin and roasted beetroot. Dunc's loves having a fellow meat eater in the house to cook for. Only just now I caught him in a rather compromising position with aforementioned chook...inserting the stuffing I think he called it... I'll throw a lentil burger on for me xx


nrwatkins said...

Thanks for the comment :-) Beautiful pics, and isn't the sunshine lovely. Which market has the farmers' stalls?

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Looks like the foreman has been keeping work on track. Quite a feat at this time of year!

I love her little dress - its realy cute. And that market produce looks beautiful. I am eyeing off that rhubarb with envy ... I haven't seen any good stuff for a while.

Happy new year!

Loz and Dinny said...

Hey Nirvana - I'm going to answer here - the market is the Eskmarket down at Inveresk - enter off Forster street. Some of the vegue stalls aren't farmers - the ones inside are the go! Every Sunday. Enjoy

2paw said...

Edie's dress is gorgeous!! She's so lucky. I love the fruit and vegetables you have. I am eating raspberies too, and some broccoli from my neighbour's garden. It is delious raw!! Happy New Year!!!

tam said...

Hey Gemma girl! Thanks for visiting me and for the nice comment too! That dress on your girl-adorable! And great finds too-tupperware is the best! The photos were great! Hey oh yea before I forget come on over to my blog I have something there for you!!!
Have a nice week~Smiles~Tam!

tam said...

Ooops-I mean come over to http://yakiddyyakyak Sorry-Lol!

Fiona said...

I love to see a bit of Naval kit put to good use.
Love this little dress, are you doing the Esk Market each sunday ?

Vegan and Vintage said...

Oh! that second photo is so cute! What a sweetie!

Thanks so much for the lovely comment by the way, you are too nice!