Thursday, January 22, 2009

Matchy, matchy

Not sure if you remember this dress. The little red dress. The Blythe dress. My favourite dress. The one with the tricycle. Well I don't think I ever got around to showing you it in this colour. I love blue.Anyways. I have had the most gorgeous sun bonnet pattern sitting on my desk for goodness knows how long and staring longingly at me saying 'sew me sister'. I even got all the ribbon and cut them out. I wanted them to be ready for the hobart market but me stitchin' fingers could not move at the pace required. Enter Loz. Saviour of the sewing sisterhood. She took me in hand and ....ta da!

a beautiful matching blue bonnet... and in red and grey ... and one in red and pink coming soon. All for the 'Blythe dresses'.
Then why stop there ... a girl can't be flashing her knickers or nappies - but she can be free to let her hair blow back in the breeze and flash these bloomers! Especially when they have a handprinted tricycle to boot.

Now I am unsure whether I am a matchy matchy kinda girl. But I think I could be swayed ... Anyways... I am in love with the bonnet, it does it's job keeping out that sun ...and Edie keeps it on her wee head so that has got to be a winner. It was even present and accounted for on her first ever pony ride - on Monty, the seasoned campaigner pony!!! She was a natural - even was doing the rocking in the saddle and making the horsey clip clop noise. Come to think of it, she would make a fabulous jockey - I mean she's already light, small so she wouldn't have to spend any time in the sauna and by gum she's as keen as mustard. Look out Damien Oliver!


CurlyPops said...

Awwww look how sweet she looks wearing it on the pony!
I think matchy matchy is cute on the kiddies.

Bek said...

Adorable! I love the bloomers!!

Nicole said...

Your clothes are so cute!

2paw said...

Edie looks so lovely on the pony in her bonnet!! The bonnets and bloomers are gorgeous. At school, we had 'offical' bloomers that we had to wear unde our tunics: horrid brown bloomers. We did wear pinafores over our tunics: I loved that!!