Monday, January 26, 2009

May grey make your day

Guess what ... I'm an Aunty! I have a nephew. My sister-in-law has baby number one. Many say I can't be trusted in such a position but I did get so excited I made these bibs and a matching blanket. The blanket didn't photograph so well ... but it was backed with fleecy cotton and edged in ric rac and I was pretty darn pleased with myself. The bibs are made small ... for little ones. She said she was over the baby blue thing so when I saw this fabric I thought it may be a winner. I was excited. I made them weeks ago (Loz finished up the bibs) but couldn't put them here in case the secret got out. But they were posted off and now received so all's well.
I do have a thing for grey ... so I was stoked when I found this guy at the Mission Shop. He was sans saucer but I found one which I think was made for him. Complete again.

and continuing on the grey theme ... I was 'commissioned' (that's a posh way of saying 'asked nicely') to make an 'Event Belt'... you know ... somewhere to pop your phone, keys, notebook and pennies when you are on the job but not at your desk. Hope it worked - I was very nervous about it ... but was pretty happy with the result ... just a new spin on my kiddies aprons.

and in light of the pure delight I gleen from witty graffiti, may I leave you with this morsel of food for thought...

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CurlyPops said...

I have that same fabric (from the bibs) in black but I like the grey much better.
Great apron - that would be perfect for working at the market!
Oh and congrats on becoming an auty..woo hoo!