Monday, August 3, 2009

Purchase of fear

I don't go shopping all that often - thrifting, op shopping and visiting markets, yes - Shop shopping, no. I only go shop shopping when I have to get something specifically. I'm not a browser. I like to get in and get out. So anyways - Loz wanted to get Dunc a nice book for his birthday. I knew there was some lovely 'up Dunc's alley' style books at this lovely shop . It has lovely things, handmade things. It has the lovely Suz. It should be lovely. But Edie decided to be ... well...focused. Focused in that scary toddler way. Focused in a way that makes you think they are about to kick off big styley. Focused in the way of 'I will not put down this highly smashable rabbit despite the beautiful polished concrete floor because I have taken a shine to it'
focused. I was having heart palpitations. I may have been hyperventilating. I was getting down on her level. The store was packed. I could feel the tsk's. So I snatched it from her put it on the counter and said in my best I'm trying to be calm voice 'we'll take it'. Not saying I didn't love the rabbit too. Not saying that he isn't a welcome addition to our collection of ephemera. I'm just saying it was my first purchase of fear... the rabbit who has been named 'Mister Matosis'

PS The bowl is our latest score from the Esk market ... gotta love that joint!


astrogirl529 said...

Ha ha ha can't say I have done a fear purchase but had many of those moments in shops where you just shouldn't look at something in case it breaks!

Fer said...

*giggle* that's priceless.

Perfect name for such a cute bun too!

Tania said...

Crikey, you're a cracker. Even the Mr agrees. And it's a nice rabbit. Even with an unsavoury disease.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Being on the end of a toddler's Terminator determination can lead to irrational purchases , but Mister Matosis is a pleasant addition to any home .
That bowl on the other hand is GORGEOUS !! I can feel a tantrum coming on .