Thursday, August 25, 2011

At a Junction

We thought we would step out into the city with the sister to check out a little of this year's Junction Arts Festival. Talk about people power ... last year's festival was meant to be a one off ... but people wrote and rallied and now it is secured for a further three ... nice one! We had a most ace time last year ... I wrote about it here and here. First stop Civic Square to see the Big Top and to eat our lunch at the wild willow cafe . We will return here on Saturday Night to bust some moves at The Junc Room. We like da hop hop!Then the wee girl did a spot of climbing before we headed of to see Launceston clock up their first ping pong win against Search Party. We took the Tiger Performance Bus ... but it seems the performance didn't ... nay bother .. will try again tomorrow. We made it home just before the heavens opened! Tonight Edie, the Aunt and I are going to see 'So You think you can Interpretive Dance'. We are a little disappointed we didn't prepare something and don some lycra and sweat bands ... I don't think Launceston will share our disappointment ... *

Tomorrow I think we will go search for the whale ... you coming? Get amongst it people!!

*This in late ... just showed the wee girl my version of running man ... she said 'you can do that tonight, Mummy' ... seems there will be one disappointed person in Launceston.


mrs smith said...

You know I think YOU can interpretive dance. Hope to see both you carters busting your liturgical moves this evening.

Fer said...

Juggling a boy on each hip would probably be enough interpretive dance as it is!

We spotted the whale in Princes Square yesterday. I hear he was also at the AMC on the weekend.

Isis said...

ahh so disappointed i can't make it to so you think gemma can interpretive dance... :( marking instead!

but i will be getting my safari on tomorrow nice... everyone told me there is a safari party on, unless they are just pulling my leg.

i will be seeing you in the junc room on satardaaaaaay niiiiiight!!!