Friday, August 26, 2011

Junction Festival: So You Think You can Interpretative Dance

Last night the wee girl, the sister and I ventured into the evening to sample a little more of the Junction Arts Festival. This time it was for So You Think You Can Interpretative Dance at Fresh. The idea ... take 10 brave acts (8 solo, 2 duets). Have 10 envelopes containing 1 music track. Each contestant, their order drawn from a hat gets to choose an envelope ... then let the interpretative dancing begin. The benefits of taking smalls, is you get a front row berth. They waited with baited breath.

The dancing began and they clapped and smiled and watched entranced. It may be that they did not get the somewhat 'tongue in cheek' elements of each dance extravaganza ... but they were clearly in the moment!

This was a duet ... just out of camera is his 36 week pregnant dance partner, also in lycra dancing to "I've had the time of my life"... hysterical! Other choice dance tracks included a spot of Massive Attack and the winning performance to Mariah Carey's "Hero". With judging complete it was time for a quick audience boogie to 'Bohemian Rhapsody' before the girls, no longer able to contain themselves, took to the stage for their own interpretative dances.
My cheeks hurt when I left, from all the smiling!Today we are off to see the whale, do a spot of the Arts ALive: arts trail and who knows what else we will discover along the way ...

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