Friday, August 5, 2011

Lantern Jollies

A while back I bought these pretty vintage lanterns. I had intended to string them up in the 'play room'. I had bold such visions. I could almost have applied for some kind of sainthood, the visions were so clear. But they involved a shelf ... and the plaster wasn't going to hold the shelf ... so I would need some kind of batten brace ... renovation blah, blah, blah ... so when the Man's birthday rolled around last week, the small and I strung them up in the kitchen over the table ... You know, to get a little festive-like....and, well we kinda loved them there. So they are staying. Swinging a little in our draught. Lit by our skylight, looking all jolly. It's enough to brighten your day, non?Keen to get your lantern jollies? Lanterns can be found here. From this seller.

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Fer said...

It's certainly what we need during all this dreary August weather!