Thursday, February 19, 2009

I was going to wait to all the softies were in...

Inspired by the rousing call of Handmade Help and The Toy Society I thought a little impromptu softie making craft night was in need. So the call went out and was answered by an army of 9. With the help of some cake, muffins and tea and some collective skill sharing, our limited individual experience in softie making dissolved and we got stuck in. Most of us had never made one before, some had never really sewn and sure, there were some concerns about terrorising small children with our wonky offerings but made with love was in no doubt.
Et voila - these are but only a few - the others are being finished and perfected and I will take their pixie foto before they catch the plane to Victoria...

And so to the craft posse...

More machines than a sweat shop, scissors akimbo and shut, stashes shared and cut.

Loz's eyesight failing from poor lighting.

Sustenance only an arm's reach away. Check out Suse's muffins!

Enthusiam and bad joke telling. (Not entirely Mrs Smith's fault ... she just always laughs so it just spurs me on on to new heights of bad humour)

and even those recent arrivals being swept up in the momentum - who said they'd come for moral supprt because they couldn't sew. I tell you if we can do it - anyone can! Get into it - Click here.

Friday, February 13, 2009

I think that we hear bad stories so often via the media that we forget that really most people have the biggest hearts. the kindest thoughts and care for all around them. Never have I felt so proud to be part of humankind than now - watching how we pull together to help out others whose lives have been forever changed by the bushfires that have raged through Victoria - it makes me feel inspired - a reminder that little people on mass can make big change. The world really is united in common goals based on love and will shine at the drop of a hat. I have been so sad watching the footage, hearing of former colleagues losing their homes but most teary at how much people give so effortlessly to help people in their dark hours.

Head to Handmade Help for a few avenues to offer a little help. I promise it will make your heart sing and give you a few options to make you feel a little less helpless and a little more connected.