Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Spoilt Johnny Rotten

I have been really spoilt lately. Embarassingly so. I keep meaning to pop some photos up of the fruits of my spoiling but have been remiss. So from here I change! I had lovely visitors from WA. They have known me forever. We were neighbours back when ABBA t-shirts and Wonder Woman was current and cool (not retro-cool). Anyways my Aunty Lyn (fake Aunty like but fake family cherished) and Jenelle (her daughter therefore fake cousin-like, I know you get the picture) popped down to the Apple Isle. They brought with them the most generous of presents - so so naughty. But anyways being a crafty blog I know you will salivate at the following story. My Aunty Lyn (A.L.) now lives in a pocket of the South West of WA near Margaret River. Near her is Darnell's General Store. It has been going since 1932 and the interior of the store is still in original condition. In fact it still has lots of hidden treasures from bygone days. Knowing my penchant for all things sewing-like A.L. heads in and practically clears out their habadashery section and brings it to Tassie for me. Is that not the most wonderful thing ever??? She has since returned and taken some snaps of the store for me to put up here. I tell you - the store is a national treasure ... seek it out when next you are in that beautiful part of the world!
So here is my lovely gift from Darnell's. An assortment of vintage buttons, ric rac and other trimmings and some patterns. I tell you I lovingly stroked those buttons before sorting them into colours! I also got some lovely fabric but it's dark now so the photos are no good son.

Here is Bill. His father, Bill Senior, started the store in 1932. This Bill started working there with his father and has now been there for 60 years. And here is the aladdin's cave of treasures within all the original shelving!

Here is the outside. Just so lovely! Thanks Bill and thank you Aunty Lyn!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Break in Transmission explained

Apologies for neglecting my blog. Explanation follows...Back in the blogging saddle tomorrow...yeeeeeehaaaaa!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's all about me!

Right-y-ho then. I've been tagged by the lovely hollie to tell you six wee facts about myself!

The rules:
- Link to the person who tagged you.
- Mention the rules.
- Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself.
- Tag six other bloggers by linking to them.
- Go to each person's blog and leave a comment that lets them know they've been tagged.

So prepare to be astounded!

I love vintage lobster ceramics. I am inspired that someone decided to slap a huge lobster on a bowl, plate, gravy boat. In fact I like and collect kitch Australia pottery and ceramics in general - but lobsters are my favourite.

I didn't hand in my Year 7 major English assignment on the Moon. I normally such a studious wee bugger but I didn't say anything and my teacher never asked for it. I still got a B for English but I broke out in a sweat for the rest of the term brought on by mortal fear that she was going to ask me where it was at any moment. Took 5 years off my life, I tell you.

I am no good at any sport that requires coordinated feet action - so that's me out for roller blading, roller skating, and ice skating. I blame my parents for not buying us roller skates when they were cool in the 70s. Oh and when it comes to skiing I prefer the apres before, during and after the skiing.

I can sing the French national anthem.

I used to dream of being on Young Talent Time, so I would sing really loud in the shower, just in case talent scouts for the show were passing by our house.

I drive a 1965 HD Holden named Harriet. We've been together longer than I have been with Duncan!

Ok I'm tagging
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Monday, October 13, 2008

All aboard for The Chook Mahal

Haven't our wee egg laying charges grown??? Not the cute wee fluffy folk they were here. We are still unsure if a couple are only masquerading as girls. Anyways - now they are much bigger and have feathers, it was time to relocate them to their new home - the exotic five star abode that is - The Chook Mahal. The chooks always scarper when Dunc or I head out to see them - but always reappear when Edie is on the scene. I think in addition to the swahili she has picked up, she is also speaking fluent chicken and thus they have accepted her as their kin. It became apparent that there was indeed a certain protocol that needed to be adhered to to ensure the move went 'by the book, book, book' (basil brush boom boom!)

1. All Chooks relocating must be approved by the chook whisperer - 'yep, undercarriage looks good'2. Quick spot of chook hypnosis to make transition to new abode less stressful before ...
3. Heading to the new Chook Mahal to wait for new guests ... let's get this rolling!
4. 'Welcome my feathered friend' - feed and water to your right, nesting box to your left, enter from rear or underneath.
5. Just checking they're settling in

Friday, October 10, 2008

Dandelions make you wet the bed

Ok ... so it's been a little while...but I have an excuse - in fact I have many. But all excuses have sprung forth from the fact that I am going to be in this market at the Design Centre in Launceston. So if you are out and about at this end of the apple isle - come say aloha. Hell if you are a crafty little maker - drop them an expression of your interest and come sit next to me. So this brings me to the chain reaction of excuses. You see I had to get on into my sweat shop and get some lovely things together for aforementioned market - October is proving to be jam packed with visitors and adventures so I am having to be disciplined (damn, knew I left that forte somewhere!) Anyways here is some of what has come of my new found attempt to be focused.I tell you as soon as that little one's head hits the pillow for her midday sleep, I've been cutting out, sewing, hemming, hand sewing labels and handwriting swing tags. Now for the second excuse for non-blog action. I had to really get ahead as I was having visitors from the mainland. Liz, Gav and Ryan are members of my much missed Melbourne mother's group (Gav is not a mother, but he is OK with being a member of a mother's group - he's good like that). We got to hang out for a couple of special days - Gav is a chef, he makes good dinners with squid and stuff so we feel frequent visits are ace. So we did some sightseeing at Cataract Gorge...

We got to see Cataract Gorge on a somewhat chilly day but it never fails to make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The great outdoors does indeed feel great at this little gem of a spot. The peacocks were disappointingly unaccomodating with the plume fan out thingy whatsit despite my attempts at a faux mating dance (that's faux - I am interested in Duncans not peacocks, in case you thought you had been tricked into reading a kinky blog). That's the mainlanders bottom right (don't mention the war - I mean the Geelong Beanie) But my third and final excuse for blog neglect is this ...

My little girl is now a walking adventurer. She is off and racing and that meant lapping up the sun at the park and making our first daisy chains

and unfortunately the battery died before I could get a pic of Edie eating her first daisy chain but she tells me it was yum. Dinny would have told her that dandelions would make her wet the bed! I hope spring is as springy for you all xx

Friday, October 3, 2008

What if...

Ok. This is new

I've been tagged! by Ethel Loves Fred to do the 'if meme'. I have to list 5 things that could have changed your life. Link the person who tagged you, tag 5 others.

Let's give this a whirl... have to say I am finding it a little difficult

If I hadn't got morning sickness I may still be living in the UK taking weekenders to Budapest and Rome

If I hadn't got that spiral perm I would not have an album full of photos of my first overseas adventure with the straight regrowth look... mmm noice!

If I hadn't of had Edie I would never know that your heart could grow even bigger over night

If I had've listened to reason I would be back at work and better off financially but completely gutted to be missing out on seeing Edie's firsts

If I had of had greater confidence in my abilities I would be a glam rockstar playing to huge stadium crowds (with large platforms, big hair and short sparkly numbers)

OK here you are - you're tagged!

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I've had a birthday. I am no longer early thirties. I am mid. The day started well with Edie deciding to wake early. Very early. Like 'just sun up 5.30am' early. She picked the perfect day to get up with the birds because I got to have a birthday sleep in, to be able to swan on down the stairs at 7.45am to fresh brewed coffee (mother's milk) and pancakes. The day of birth ended well too...Dunc returned from Uni with a bottle of wine and directions to 'drink and be merry whilst I prepare dinner' voila! The man made me fish pie accompanied with asparagus and rocket sauteed in a lemon butter. The man is a food sex god. He has never even tried it before - thought he'd just whip it up. I love that sort of carry on...
Which brings me to pressies - I got a voucher and I have decided to spend it on undies. You see Edie has developed a penchant for picking my undies out of the clean washing or dryer and wearing them on her head or around her neck. It is always my undies, never her dad's. But the sad thing is - well they are really on their last legs. They are completely 'I just don't care anymore' smalls. Some even have holes. They are the type you have to hang behind larger items on the washing line in case visitors spy them. Man, I used to be a 'only wear the ones that match your bra' kind of girl. The girl has documented right before me my fall from underwear grace. So I am heading to that department store armed with my wee voucher and I am going to get me some spectacular underdungers to accompany my slow slide into 40 (and which Edie can accessorise with without shame).