Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Crafting through Quarantine

Yes - The garlic and crosses are still a-hanging on my door. I must however have an element of the unnnatural about me -I'm still all clear. (see my last post if you need to be put in the loop). Amidst it all I managed to get a little sanity craft in. You see prior to the vomit fest that has been my life - I managed a cheeky little op-shop adventure. Can you believe my excitement in discovering a 30m roll of vintage vinyl?? Dunc did ask what the hell I would need with 30m of the stuff - but I felt supported when the lovely lady at the counter proclaimed 'At that price, how could you leave it??' Ah ... understanding and support is a beautiful thing. So using an A4 piece I made a wee purse. Stoked. Could make 1000 more at this rate. Even got to use some of my favourite vintage buttons from my stash. I've got big plans for that roll of vinyl - purses, bags, notebooks ...Think I might even wallpaper the bathroom with some of it - trust me - it will be ace. And I also finished off a hair clip I've had kicking around on my desk for a while. Nothing like a bit of dodgy rough hand sewing in front of the tellie whilst waiting for washing load 6 of the day to finish it's cycle. I wore it today. I was unsure at first. What do you think? Good use of some flower details off a vintage sheet??.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Gemma's tips on how to have a rockin' good time.

Please spend your last three days:
1. Covered in Licorice and olive vomit
2. Covered in Licorice and olive vomit (deja vu after stripping down from first)
3. Sucking in fumes from aforementioned vomit in the 2 hour drive home (nude - Edie that is , not me)
4. Covered in cheese and cracker vomit (narrowly missing easily cleanable floorboards to instead cover you and the couch)
5. Scrubbing extensively aforementioned vomit from sisters new highly prized designer cushions
which missed floorboards... (and after you have just finished airing out her car you borrowed for ill fated road trip mentioned earlier)
6. Spend a 6.5 hour holiday hot date in emergency with hubby as he suffers from dumpling enduced gastro (whilst he chants repeatedly... 'I am going to kill those dumpling bastards'... outside security post and under those posters which say 'violence will not be tolerated in the emergency department')
7. Get 4 hours sleep in time for early morning dash to airport with vomiter and gastro victim in order to fly home (fingers, toes and sphincters crossed that none of early mentioned incidents were to be repeated as in flight entertainment)


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Brown Owls and Gidget

Last night we had our very first Brown Owls - Launceston meet at Seworld. We had an ace turn out - over 20 gals crafting up a storm. I learnt how do do this wonky granny square ...
This morning we had Edie's first ever swimming lesson. She pulled out this ...Oh and then this...
So, alright, OK, fine!... I know my place!

Sunday Drivers

We meant to go home for lunch after the party on Sunday... but took the long way and arrived in time for dinner... we heart Tassie xxx

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Dinny

Today is Dinny's birthday. She would say legs eleven and do a funny dance accompanied by a fake breathy whistle through her teeth. I always try and find some space to reflect on my Nan on her birthday. This is one of my favourite photos. Taken in 1968 it says 'my baby' on the back. She got her license later in life. She couldn't hill start. Mum remembers sitting on the floor of this car, cowering in embarassment as Nan failed to hill start at the steep traffic lights on Carrington street in Fremantle. After at least 4 light changes and no room for roll back error, Nan whisked herself out of the car and asked the lovely gentleman in the car behind to drive the car over the hill for her. Mum remembers saying hello from the floor. That is one of my favourite Dinny stories. She was good for a giggle. She was a barmaid when I was a kid - old school. When I was a baby Mum was shopping with my older sister, Simone, just down the road from the pub she worked at in Freo. It's an irish pub now. Anyways Mum gets to checkout and loses Simone. She thinks she's behind the counter but when she looks, no Simone. Panic sets in. Scans all the aisles. Still no simone. So she leaves me, the baby, with the checkout chick and bolts down the road to Nan's pub. She swings into the front bar crying and proclaiming 'I've lost Simone'. Nan's response was to almost vault the bar whilst dashing for the door telling a barfly to watch the bar and NOT TOUCH ANYTHING. They found Simone soon after - hand in hand and not worried with a stranger who had found her window shopping. I guess they remembered to get me. Another favourite story. There are so many stories. Of little boys on toast and soft drink. And milk iceblocks on sunny days. Of your tomato relish, pickled onions and coconut jam tarts. Of letting us stay up late and watch Sale of the Century and Prisoner when you babysat (just don't tell your father). Of the concerts you gave us grandkids on family days - where you dressed up and danced with your sisters.
Nan passed away in 1999 and I have to say I still really miss her. I loved her company and the cheeky, youthful spirit she never lost. You share a special language with treasured Nannas. I really miss that I don't have her to talk to. That I can't ask for more stories. That as I grow older and my own experiences change my perspectives that I can't run a few things by her. And That my daughter didn't get to meet her. She was a cracker.
Happy Birthday, Dinny. Hope there is a corner of up there where you continue to dance and whistle through your false teeth whilst sipping a cheeky pony xx


Edie and I built a new dining area for the frog. We felt he needed a decent table and chairs. The lily pad and pond just wasn't cutting it for this town froggy. Then we served him some coffee, some tea, some porridge and some cake. Mama elvis left the building ie went to hang out washing and on return Maitre D' Edie had got out the funky crockery (hold breathe) arranged it neatly on the table (exhale) and invited me to tea too.
Tasted even better when I found out Dunc was paying. Gold!
Dunc's last assessment task due today ... think we are all a little excited that mid semester break will be arriving Chez Burns.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Remember this guy? In the shop now ... or if you prefer to shop in US dollars go here. Flower not included.


Yep ... Launceston Brown Owls is due for kick off. If you haven't already joined up go here. Click on Launceston Membership and do the deal. Then go here and get all the location details and stuff and RSVP.

Mrs Smith is coming... and Eve craft princess and Black-eyed Susie and D. There's more on the list, intrigued?

All levels of craft skill welcome from beginner to extreme Nanna. What's it all about??? Go here
and... if you felt there weren't enough linketty links in this post ... go here... because someone had a dream about me ... house renovation porn for those interested xx

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Every coat has a silver lining

I finished it. Talk about staring up at you longingly from your desk ... for like AGES! The coat is made to a vintage coat pattern to go over a dress. The velvet is vintage - a much treasured find from the Esk Market last winter.
It was a very helpful tip from the lovely Shelley at Sew World that got me over the final lining hurdle that was growing bigger than need be in the crafting side of my brain. Now I'm putting the finishing touches on a vintage black velvet one and a red cotton velveteen number .... just in time for winter!
On the topic of Sew World ... apart from being the friendliest, most helpful sewing shop types ... they are also having a very amazing fabric sale bonanza as we speak - no joke 20 -30% off all fabrics in the shop (I'm talking everything -not just a ruse to get you in the shop to move those thanks but no thanks fabrics) and you can order on line - get amongst it! (Just letting you know I have no shares or family ties to the shop ... just a fabric obsession that I know is shared by some).

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Spicy tales of almost woe, with a giveaway to boot

Edie and I have been hanging out. Her Daddy is deep in assignment mode. He sometimes comes to bed at night ... but I am unsure when. He has become all nocturnal; a creature of the night crouching over light boxes with a constant background soundtrack of a clicking mouse. Yesterday morning was ugly - he left Edie alone for but a minute ... so she decided his design assignment needed some spicing up ... why not smatter it with an entire upended bottle of cajun spices ...and add some annotations with pencil. Thank god pencil ... easily salvagable. Dunc was more worried that his tutors would mark him down on aroma. He has a supersonic nose... this is an important consideration for him. He made mental note that storing prized assignments on floor when a toddler is around is not greatest filing cabinet option.

This morning Edie and I dropped him at the front door of the learning establishment, propped up by strong coffee and porridge...packed off with good luck wishes for presentations, but no lunch. We embarked on a more laid back morning of wet bums from dew soaked slides and rumbles in autumn's last leaves.

May I direct you to this fab giveaway. I really need some help with my html I tell you. Even knowing what it means would be a start. Go see the fabulous Laura - one week of her graphic design services sounds like heaven to me!!

Now I must fly - Edie slumbers and I should be at my sewing machine xx