Friday, September 10, 2010

Raising your hand

Look what I got at auction! Times two! I bid furiously and won! I've only ever gone to one other auction before. I get so excited. I love seeing what all the items go for. I had to dash in and out a few times to settle/ feed the boys ... but I got them. Now I can't wait for Summer and all our planned renos/ tidy ups ... I am going to be lounging on our deck, the one on the jobs list ... soon to be constructed from recycled brick pallets. I will languish in this chair with a cocktail in hand ... care to join me in the other one?

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Meet the Man Behind Father's Day

Meet this guy. The father. The bees knees. Super Dad. The multi-skilled, much loved man around our wonky house.
He baths newborns with such ease.
Uses advanced principles of engineering to string up pinatas in all weather conditions and challenging locations.
Attacks and disposes of ugly, apricot, knee high sinks we have put up with for two years in a single bound ...
Effortlessly juggles two babies sitting ...
...and standing (precarious though it may seem to the untrained eye)
Completes renovations of epic proportions whilst managing the apprentice...Manages a sleep in despite adversity. Which is good as he needs the energy to... fairies with the theatrical charm of Sir Lawrence Olivier
...accept handmade father's day gifts in the morning...
...and construct sandcastles of architectural merit in the afternoon...
whilst on a spectacular Tassie country drive...he's a keeper xxxx

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Junction is all Wrapped Up

The festival is well and truly over ... but some colourful reminders are hanging in there ... and you thought finishing that scarf in the bottom of your to do pile was a big job??? I mean I still sit firmly in the 'knitting is a dark art' camp. I do not possess the knit one, purl one gene. So these amazing yarn bombed columns that adorn the town hall are awesome. Warms the cockles, non? Specially when I snapped these on the most glorious starts to Spring one could ever hope for!