Thursday, April 9, 2020

On an Aperol

Iso is about learning new skills.
I present the Aperol Spritz.  My tribute to Italy. 

100mls Prosecco
80 mls Aperol
Splash of Soda Water
Serve on ice with orange

This morning marks my first morning of holidays. The (not so) wee girl is officially on holidays too. The smalls and I are all still in our pjs, all in the front room, all together. Luckily Duncan is still able to work. He is working on a building site - spectacularly ocean side, perched on the northern edge of Tasmania; where he gets to gaze over Bass Straight, in between digging shit and bashing things with hammers and stuff.  I am not jealous.  No.  Not at all. 

Perhaps I should meet him at the front door when he gets home tonight, still ensconced in flannel and fluffy dressing gown, hair unbrushed, aperol spritz in hand.  He can say something romantic like "Darl, you used to look great in a tracky". Ah yes ... love in a time of Covid.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Back in Black (Lycra)

As promised to Mrs Smith, I have dusted off the metaphorical lycra and am back on the blogging bicycle. I'm wobbling like hell (both bike and lycra clad bod) but I'm sure it will all come back with a couple of goes. Mrs Smith and Kooandyoo hatched a sneaky plan from isolation that it was time to fire up the old blogs - to revisit a time when we connected through witty repartee, shared images of our craftiness and motherhood. 

More connection. Less isolation.

I'm in.