Friday, October 30, 2009

Sydney here we come

Here on Sunday. I will be the one with bags under my eyes and a dishelleved appearance. If I sound a little monosyllablic I apologise in advance. xx

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 13: to cruise is sublime

When feeling a little chilly and not 100%. Load favourite wee girl in favourite old girl and drive. Go for a cruise to Evandale Market and then out into the country to see this lovely girl. The warm sun through the untinted windows and the smell of vinyl, still like new, warms the cockles. In 11 years I have never got tired of this simple driving pleasure in 'Harriet' ... and when I hear my wee girl say "I love Harriet" I know she understands too ...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 8: the panic sets in

I am dreaming of turning up here naked, with no stock, up on stage and my voice won't come out, trying to run away and being glued to the floor... you know - just those harmless pre event, nervy jitters you get once in a while... if you are up in Sydney .. drop in say hi - bring valium or scotch.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Blogtoberfest Day 7: Birthday Booty

My birthday came and went. I am now closer to 40 than 30. I'm OK with that. Rock and roll around here is not a mosh pit, it's more dancing to mary had a little lamb ... with butterfly dancing shoes - apparently the only kind you can dance in. Thought I would share some of the beautiful gifts which came my way ... lucky gal. Vintage tin (Loz brought it for me from here when my back was turned), beautiful vintage Owl salt and pepper shakers and a black eyed susie brooch, thanks Suse. A surprise gift from annie - her handmade soaps, and a gorgeous coconutty candle and some retro toes created by Peg and Kate... snazzy. And those apooki earrings? I won them in a giveaway and they arrived near my birthday - with hair clips - cool huh? I am also the proud owner of a shrug. I'm so foxy in it I have to beware of hunting dogs and riders in red coats ... more vintage finds soon x

Gigposters: Blogtober Day 6

Dirk Fowler Gig Poster courtesy of here

I am mad for printmaking. It has been a long standing fetish of sorts. A beautiful world which for some time I have stood on the edge of gazing in - going 'oooh, aah, mmm'. Dunc and I bought a few posters at a gigposter exhibition SubScreenSonic I that I worked on in another life - including the one above - by letterpress artist Dirk Fowler of F2 Design fame. We also bought a whole stack from another letterpress lovely Bryce McLoud from Isle of Printing, which shamefully are still waiting to be framed after almost four years! I could wax lyrical about some of the amazing artists out there producing art in this area ... but go here - the world of gig posters, now largely an American phenonomen is mind blowing... I love that there are secret worlds everywhere, my friends.

PS. Blogger wouldn't let me upload last night!!! aaah! I'm behind again!

Monday, October 5, 2009

a small ode

This is a small ode to the things we hold dear.
The immeasurable.
The loved.
The things that hold us when we hold them.
The voice that greets us each morning
The goodnight
The I love you
The familiar
The hand in mine
The gentle reminder that nothing has meaning without the small things

Off the Blogtober Vagon

A sensational day at the market = content but exhausted Gemma who falls asleep shortly after putting wee girl to bed ... on the couch 5 minutes into Midsommer Murders no doubt making small bear noises and drooling on own dressing gown. Glamour folks is just an integral part of my life.
So as couch induced slumber is not conducive to blogging - I missed my third day of Blogtoberfest blogging - so lucky you ... I'll post twice today!
Thank you to all and sundry who came to the market and those of you who said hi!! I had such a wonderful day at one of the world's friendliest and loveliest markets (Thanks Bec, Shannon and Holly xx)... worth the drive and the earlier kick off for daylight savings xx

Saturday, October 3, 2009

new things

I promise that my next post will be somewhat more spicy, fruity and inspired for Blogtoberfest. Until then - have a cheeky peek at what other may peruse at the market tomorrow. Knackered - but the car is packed for our 6am (real time 5am) departure. Sundays should be for sleep ins ... just not whilst you are driving! Off to bed for required beauty sleep. Aufweiderzein pet.

Friday, October 2, 2009

In The Market for...

I'm heading here this Sunday. Will have lots of new stuff because I have been working like a maniac and Loz has been helping out in the sweatshop ... it's good to have a Loz in your life.
So despite Blogtoberfest ... I will be a little incoherent until, lets say Monday afternoon. But if you come say hi between 10am and 3pm this Sunday at the Masonic Hall, Sandy Bay, Hobart - I promise I will string a few sentences together which may or may not have you walking away going 'Huh?'. I love a cheeky little trip to the capital ... even if it is an hour earlier wake up time with the onset of daylight saving. All good.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Blogtober Fest ... I'm off

Let the Tinniegirl's Blogtoberfest begin. I am going to do my darndest to keep up this blogging malarky for the whole month of October! Been thinking about the whole German influence and realise that it is a culture that has been delicately interwoven in our lives. I could almost claim citizenship. How?

1. I have spent a lot of time in Germany ... well not exactly in the country .. rather in transit in Frankfort Airport. We were so busy playing travel scrabble ... that by the time we realised we should be boarding, we also realised we were in the wrong terminal. Yep we were those bastards who get on the plane when everyone else is seated and waiting to get clearance for lift off! ... there is another story with the German Flight Attendant - but I will leave that for another time.
2. I love sauerkraut. Could eat it every day. Edie loves it too. We are all over the sauerkraut like a rash in our family ... even contemplating having a crack at making our own. Apparently it a very stinky process. I am not deterred. I am a mother. Stinky is a part of what I do. daily.
3. Despite shifting schools for my final year of primary school and thus not getting to study German - I can still count to 10 and say goodbye ... almost fluent you would say. The fact that I can say Danke Schoen is down to Ferris Bueller. Auf Weiderzein may be down to The Sound of Music.
4 I have flown Lufthanza. Twice.
5. I still dream of the lederhausen I picked up and then put back at Evandale market a few months ago. I should have gone with the gut and bought them. Every family needs a pair of lederhausen. I know Dunc would have protested ... but if he just gave them a try he could see that they are hot.
6. I love Cabaret.

That's it. Bring on the blog