Wednesday, September 30, 2009

and the universe shall decide ...

Faced with a seemingly impossible decision - I have done what I do best - reached for my favourite tea cup ... but instead of making myself a cuppa, I diligently wrote the names of all the Loz and Dinny Fringe Challenge participants on strips of paper in my bestest handwriting. You see I came over all stressed ... I couldn't decide and then it dawned on me ... it's not because I'm a Libran .. it's just, well, I loved them all. You can't compare apples with pears. You can't judge a superhero outfit against a cowboy. You can't distinguish between a tot, a bag and a purse. You can't shed light on a lampshade or a crown or a rosette. It is against the laws of algebra ... gotta group the x's with those y's. So I decided the best method was to pop those diligently written paper strips that Mrs Bailey my Year 5 teacher would have given me a lead pencil award for ... and I got the small to draw out the winner...

Kylie ... your pressie will be winging its way to you on Monday.... and I just want to take a moment to say thank you all and sundry for taking part in my humble challenge - I have just loved it and am secretly planning another one ... watch this space... BIG CRAFTY LOVE to you all xxx

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Loz and Dinny Fringe Challenge Wrap Up!

Thank you all and sundry for your birthday wishes - I can't tell you how much fun it has been seeing all the amazing entries in this challenge - all I could see when I looked at this fringe was lions and horses ... thus I tackled a hobby horse with inspiration from here. Sure he needs a few finishing touches but this afternoon I was surprised with a a veritable plethera of unexpected birthday visitors ... who spoilt me ... and to all the crafty wee crafters who took part - you have spoilt me with such amazing creativity, wit and just plain luscious eye candy. Want the wrap up? Here's what's in:

Isis made the most beautiful of rosettes - divine!

Mrs Smith, the craft minx, lit up my world with the kitsch lampshade that went 'straight to the pool room'

Minimon - our international entrant - came up with this beauty and this colourful gem- gorgeous

Myrtle and Eunice produced this classy bag and managed to use the challenge to justify a special fabric buying trip... artful, Tania - nice work!!

Kylie over at 3 Sheets partnered the trim with a found vintage bedspread for a match made in heaven ... and embroidered too! So fancy and droolworthy (The toast with a tea cup of gin was icing!)

Curly, I mean Superpops' entry gave me a serious early morning belly laugh waking up to her entry - it can fit in the handbag for quick change in any crafting emergency!

My Black Cardigan came up with the sweetest and most inventive idea! The crowns are just adorable!! I want one!!

Little Red Clog has excelled in making a gorgeous bag - love the blue, woo hoo!

Clutterpunk recycled some little girls jeans to make the pants any cowboy would salivate over - yeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaaa! Her post is hysterical!

and the ever wonderful Willy Wagtail produced three treats: the most beautiful patchworked bag, a brooch and a wacky grumpy old man purse ... no need for doubt my friend - you are a gifted crafter xx

I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed this whole challenge malarky. I have absolutely no idea how the hell I am going to pick a winner (not of the nasal variety - that would be a cinch). So I am going to do what any birthday gal should do ... I am going to sleep on it. Only divine intervention is going to separate any of these ... and your enthusiam for the challenge has been a really special birthday treat! Big Crafty Love to you all xx ... until tomorrow ...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Giveaway Challenge Looming ...

Alrighty - I realise I have been very lackadaisical about posting and keeping everyone up to date with this challenge! So those of you crafting away with some fringe like mine (and hers) ... then you just need to email me your pic of your crafted masterpiece by 10pm on Tues 29th September ... ( ) or if you prefer - blog about it and send me the linky link ...then I will go into veritable conniptions trying to pick a winner (not of the nasal variety). I think I will have to enroll the assistance of someone impartial ... because I'm a Libran ... I have trouble making decisions ... and I'm already loving everyone's so far - have you seen this one? or this one?- and and and ... breathe!!!
and mine? Ok - so I will be the one pulling a last night job on this one ... I know ... I just have to find a hot glue gun and she'll be apples. Plus Tuesday is my birthday - I'll be able to complete it with a cocktail in my hand ;)

Edit: Another one here - fresh off the press

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dove with olive branch required - apply within

I am starting to feel a little like I should be building an ark and starting to gather up the neighbourhood pets in pairs. I have even let my mind wander as to which chook I would leave behind - or do I have to choose but one and find a rooster? It's not that I don't love rain ... it's just that there has been an awful lot of it... and each time the drops fall Dunc says "If only we had a rain tank - it would be full by now" - which can get a little repetitive when it has rained for close on 40 days and nights down here ... I love rain - but the cheeky, beaut, spring, sunny day yesterday, when I got out in my garden and weeded and planted reminded me that a little variation in weather can lift the soul ... anyways Brown Owls tonight ... can wait to bind me book with Isis. Local? Interested? Just rock up ... all details here - don't be shy ... we are all friendly craft nerds (if I can speak for myself as well as others hmm...)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

For Keeps

The Keep Cup. Simple Genius. A plethera of presents sorted. Love it. Stocking up - and I have even gone on a break from caffeine ... that's commitment. It's love. Image and more info from here.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Giveaway has a foxy logo ...

Yep - that's right - a logo ... and yep you're right - there was no way that I came up with any kind of techno, graphic genius .. it is the work of the fabtabulous Nikki from My Black Cardigan ... and a participant in the trim giveaway challenge. Thanks Nikki - In addition to feeling very special - I feel all posh and legit - two words not often used to describe moi. Wanna see who is already off the starting blocks? Check out Sigrid from Minimon's gorgeous (and cheeky) little inclusion of the trim in this cute wee outfit! Gold! (Visit her blog ... you might have to brush up on your German - but hey! Crafting is the new international language!)

Wanna see who else is hot on it? Check out my sidebar ... Wanna get amongst it?- drop me a line and I'll get it in the post pronto in time for the 29 Sept Deadline.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Market was Ace (as in Space Ace)

That's my stall - some cheeky peeks at some new summer stuff

I like markets.

I like markets because you get to talk your head off to lovely people... and then when you hit a point of verbal exhaustion in the early afternoon someone goes and buys you a strong coffee.

I like markets because you get to fondle other people's lovely goods and say ooh and aah and get all inspired by how crafty clever people are.
I like markets because you get to giggle alot and talk craft porn all day and the small gets to hang out with her Dad.
I like markets because I get so chuffed that anyone would like my stuff let alone want to buy it - it still makes me feel all shy.

I like markets because they engender a feeling of connectiveness and community in those who get it. I like that there is room for everyone.

Mrs Smith makes her market debut
Red Bamboo appears at Homespun for the first time
That Vintage - That Sophie is lovely

Thank you to all those who dropped by the Civic Homespun Market yesterday and said hi!- The stallholders were just sensational - I'm sorry I couldn't get more shots - I ran out of room on my camera but the market gods shined on a small section of Launceston and I loved being a part of such a lovely day and I am still basking in the afterglow of market love. Thanks Tameeka for a wonderful market x

Friday, September 11, 2009

Why I may be 80

1. I have a tendency to call people 'darl' and 'lovely'. (It comes from having been a highschool drama teacher where you have every year 7 and 8 student for one hour a week and the need to learn 200 names in 2 weeks so you can avoid the 'hey you there' turns to seems to have spilled into the outside world...)

2. I drive a 1965 HD Holden 'Harriet'. If I had of bought the car in 1965 at the age I am now - I would now be 80.

3. I love doing cryptic crosswords.

4. When we lived in Sydney - we lived in an amazing art deco flat still managed by our 90 year old landlord (he lived upstairs) - So how does this make me 80?? The clincher was that the flat came with membership to the randwick bowls club ... we would regularly cross the road to wet our whistles with beer at 1972 prices and enjoy a good chat with the oldies. Which brings me to it ... I believe beer tastes better in a pony.

5. I love what we like to call 'Depression Fare' - recipes that were meant to get us through the lean war years but have kind of stuck ... bread and butter pudding, rice pudding, weird ass slices made with copha, mock blueberry pie, mock fish, mock anything really... however, I put a stop at offal and will not be seen tucking into a cheeky plate of tripe.

6. I knick 'cuttings' from people's gardens (but they are hanging over the fence - so technically they're fair game ... right?

7. In certain situations and with certain outfits - there is nothing wrong with big underpants - particularly when they keep the small of your back warm.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dinner out of a box

We have been enjoying our fruit and vegies from our box. Stewed apple and rhubarb on our breakfast. Iceberg Lettuce and balsamic with our dinner. Tonight I kicked a gourmet goal. The toddler even scoffed it down (the planets must have been aligned ... she's not fussy - just not interested. I'm told it's a phase and not to worry. I secretly hope she is raiding the fridge at midnight. Not much for days and then BAM she turns into an eating machine ... maybe a human bamix). Anyways it used a whole stack of my Hilbarn box as ingredients - so I'll share ... Let's call it Fettucine with a whole heaps of stuff.

From the box:
bunch of spring onions
1/4 of the cauliflower (cut into really small florets)
3/4 silverbeet (washed and finely chopped)
Prep all the vegies while the pasta water is boiling!

about 1 cup cream
2 teaspoons dry tarragon
1 teaspoon dried oregano
2 tablespoons walnuts - finely chopped
enough fettucine for 3
salt and pepper to taste!
about 3/4 cup tasty cheddar (or parmesan - whatever you've got!)

Start by boiling water and getting pasta on.

Finely chop spring onions, throw in big pan with a little olive oil and the cauliflower - lightly fry - but only until just going brown. ( I usually put a lid over it - just to steam up the cauli a bit to soften) Chuck in silverbeet, toss in the oil. Add cream, tarragon and oregano. Bring to boil and then simmer until silverbeet is wilted. Add in the cheese and walnuts - stir in. Then chuck in the cooked pasta. Make sure it's all yummy and coated in the creamy mixture. Serve and season to taste.

Time to prepare and cook - 15 mins - 20 mins max - hungry hoards fed.

Market This Saturday - New Tricks

Get thee to a Market! Civic Homespun Market is on again this Saturday! Pigrim's Hall across from the Myer Carpark in Paterson Street. Pink market flags will be flying and this month (the last of the winter markets) is GOLD!!! This is the one to get to! I'll be sitting alongside market royalty: That Vintage (You'll want to buy Sophie as well as her stuff!), Red Bamboo (soaps and candles to die for - hey, you'll die smelling nice!), Little Jenny Wren (Jenny and her dolls are just so lovely) and Emma Kimpton is back with her cards and t-shirts...and I'm stoked to see Ruby Victoria Printmaking is going to be there - I saw her beautiful things at the market in Hobart and she's doing a letterpress demo ... don't get me started on letterpress - I'll get to that on another day! and ... DRUM ROLL PLEASE ... Mrs Smith is making her market debut - it is her deb ball without the white dress - just cushions and other fancy stuff. They're real good - I've fondled them - I know. Risque.

The market is busting at the seams this week with the good stuff and I'm really stoked to be amongst it - there will be a few sneak peeks on what will be my summer range - as well as some old favourites. Check out Civic Homespun's blog to see the full line up ...

Please come on down and support a veritable hoard of makers, growers (there's tulips this month!!) and designers. This is Launceston's regular handmade market - it needs your support and some good word of mouth. Come along and say hi - oh and bring some mates, and those kids that are busting to get out after all the rain - for no other reason except to breathe in the handmade love ...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Hilbarn = Box-o-joy for vegie lovin' types

It has been on my list of things to do. You know that list. The one store in the back of your mind - the bit of your mind which you are not having to use to inform people where the washed undies, socks or jumpers are lurking; where the red shoes are; or what time you need to get to swimming lesson; or if you actually paid that bill or thought you did and have now spent the money on some cake and coffee and a random book on basket weaving in the mongolian steppes. Yep - that bit.
Anyways - back to the list - I wanted to get a box of local and seasonal produce through Hilbarn. We have a good vegie patch - but it lags in winter and needs a little supplementing. So instead of following their blog and thinking about emailing them - I actually did it. And my box arrived today. and it's gorgeous. and I'm hungry. and I'll be having stewed rhubarb on my breakfast tomorrow ... and the rhubarb didn't get here in an aeroplane - it's local. I feel all smug - like I'm in the cool fruit and vegie club. Live in Lonnie? - get amongst it!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happy Fathers' Day

SO ... I burnt the bacon for the special swine breakfast extravaganza... and those turkish breads were left in the oven a little long so were, at best, described as 'crispy'. I think the coffee was OK - but maybe the milk was a little luke warm. I ran out of time to mount the vintage guinness tea towell as wall art. And you endured yet another lap around the Esk market in honour of our much loved visitor from Sydney. But those were just my attempts for Fathers' Day. The wee girl knows nothing of why I -the vegetarian - was wrestling with pork products when I'm usually a toast and weetbix kinda gal. She just knows that you are the most beautiful, loving and extremely funny Dad in the world... and as I watched you pass by me whilst I tap out my thoughts on the computer - one after the other riding broomsticks for horses ... she obviously takes this fact as a given ... no special day required. Happy Fathers' Day - you are a champion, ace as in Space Ace kinda Dad xx

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I am overwhelmed and a little speechless. This doesn't happen too often so please enjoy the relative silence. A while back I won a giveaway over at Lovely Little Sweetpeas. Today it arrived (officially it arrived Friday - but Dunc forgot to tell me I would find it on the back seat of the car ... what the?) I thought I had won a bag - Fran omitted to tell me she would pack it full of the most gorgeous handmade goodness. A purse, a lavender heat bag AND a beautiful covered notebook. They are beautiful. You are sensational, Fran. Go on head over there and tell her that I said she was sensational ... speechless, I am, just speechless x

Spring is Sprung with Broccoli

Spring is here. Our fruit trees have just started to blossom... and our broccoli has continued to flower all winter with it's stunning yellow flowers. Broccoli, you say? Until this year - I'd never given a thought to how we eat the broccoli's buds before thay get to show there brilliant display ... so can I go out on a Gardening Australia limb and say 'embrace the broccoli flower' - they are the most beautiful of garden flowers and last well in a vase (as discovered by laissez faire vegie gardening types who like to experiment with things going to seed).