Saturday, March 28, 2009


Autumn is here. You can feel the crispness creeping into the air. Clear sunny days but that edge of chilly. Leaves are starting to change colour and green grass is slowly becoming a patch work of oranges, yellows and browns. Where walks in parks involve dodging falling acorns as a brisk breeze encourages them to head south for the winter. The change feels good. A change that makes you pull things closer to your chest to be wrapped in arms. A change that sees you dig out the comfy winter pyjamas and don the fluffy slippers. A change that makes you want to eat mashed potato and hearty vegie soups. I love a bit of Autumn.

Friday, March 27, 2009

deep breath

Ok. Deep breath. I have been avoiding this one. Lots of posts about dresses. Each one began as a post about this. I am no longer part of the opening of the shop. No fall outs. No dismissals. No reason other than I woke up in a pool of my own shortcomings, looked at the situation at hand and realised something had to give. I have many hats (don't we all!!) and I was no longer wearing any of them well. In the end I decided I had to make the decision that was best for my main role ...that of mother. The shop is still opening - Rachael has it firmly in hand and it is going to be a spectacular haven for all things handmade and in short - beautiful. I have just returned to developing Loz and Dinny from home. That's all. Enough said.

the chipmunk and 'the crappers'

Alright ... are you getting sick of blog entries about product shots? After chasing a wee toddler around the garden with my camera, when she is just keen to catch 'the crappers' ... hmm ... read 'caterpillers', I feel a swelling of pride that I managed to get one usable photo out of 30. Must say it wasn't my most inspired idea to give her favourite snack food - cashews - as a down payment - 20 of those 30 out takes she resembled a chipmunk. Does anyone else find the lag between pushing the button and 'the click' on a digital camera slightly frustrating. I'm going to save up and me one of those 'flash' ones ... you know so I look and feel like a pro-fesh-an-ale. You know, on location in the bahamas. Dig it?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

working for crackers

The agency sent me this supermodel ... to show of the latest dress in the fleshy colour. 50% wool, 50% cotton 100% Tassie. She too is happy to work for biscuits and sultanas. This is her blue steel. Such a beautiful wee thing! My usual Supermodel has taken to insisting on choosing her own accessories. Hat, models own.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I bought this turquoise cotton poplin ages ago. It has been sitting in my stash for so long ... until this beautiful damask arrived. Finally it found its purpose. Such a beautiful colour. The damask is actually a deep chocolate brown with turquoise. Edible. They'll be at the market...

Monday, March 23, 2009

the market

Loz and Dinny will be here in 13 sleeps. Sunday 5 April, 10am - 3pm. Masonic Temple. 3 Sandy Bay Road, Hobart. No secret handshake or funny buffalo hat required. Lots of delicious independent designers touting wares - what more can be asked for, my friend?

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Snaps of dresses to get this online shop realised. The model was perfect, although action shots were required as she chased 'the flutters' aka the cabbage mothe ruthlessly attacking our broccoli. Dunc pulled off a karate kid-esque capture of one the other day, so now visits to the garden are filled with cries of 'catch it! flutter! this one! catch it!'

All Tasmanian

New dress. 50% cotton 50% wool tasmanian fabric. Made here. Think a little pocket detail is required. Comes in a beautiful fleshy colour too. Getting my online store happening. Slow going when your model has taking to the run and go! go! go!

Friday, March 13, 2009

So here is the final posse - off to Handmade Help via The Toy Society.
A few other crew of the sewn variety will be jumping in the post bag too - but here's who was present for the photie.