Sunday, August 31, 2008

Attack of the Monochromatics!

So this is what I was sewing until 1am ... got in the zone so kept going. Very pleased with the outcome - the orange and blue is beautiful Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton. I am really happy with the pattern - an idea from my lovely friend Kylie. So I have been experimenting with a few different weights of cotton - I really love this one below - such a beautiful light cotton - perfect for Summer - but Edie has been wearing it to death over her jeans too. She looks like a natural model but I had to chase her around the room snapping away about 50 times before I got this one!

Now I am ready to get the sweat shop really turning over. I packaged my first sale today - all ready to post on Monday. I feel all excited and nervous - I wonder if everyone feels this way?

Stay Classy

I am a foot soldier. I prefer to walk whenever possible. When Edie and I are heading into town, the route we follow takes us past this piece of graffiti. It never fails to give me a quiet chuckle. So when my eyebrows need waxing, I am makeup free, I have just chucked my hair up (as per the norm) and I'm wearing my 'I just don't care anymore' comfortable shoes - this timely little reminder flashes under the wheels of the pram. Makes me wonder ... what was the graffiti artist wearing? A ball gown?

Spoils of Market War

Having not written an entry for a while - I thought I should pull the old finger out! After a very late night sewing (until 1am whilst the man studied) Edie and I set out for a quick dash this morning to the local market. It is more of a bric-a-brac market but I like hunting for hidden treasures. Today was indeed a success! Bought some beautiful vintage buttons and ric rac which doesn't appear to have been dipped into. I am a ric rac kind of girl...can't get enough of the stuff. The fact it is still in it's original packaging makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. The lady whose stall they are on is very sweet. I love having a little chat.
The walk to and from the market (only two streets away) is now packed with the joys of spring - Magnolias are in full bloom as too are the camelias ...I can't help just taking a little snip here and there to adorn my kitchen table...I hope no one minds ...they are always hanging over fences ... I promise.
I am now heading off to finish a few sewing bibs and bobs ... will post very soon on what I have been up to...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Orange and Blue II

Here is a lovely vintage table cloth I bought at the local market. Really like the colours! I love a good ferret through the bric a brac.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Orange and Blue

Finished! Dress for Edie. I completely love this fabric (I have a thing for dots) but also for blue and orange. It is a bit hard to see - but the dots are light blue, orange and beige. I have just got an order for one so I am very excited - I feel like I am off and racing. Our living room looks like a sweat shop. Edie loves emptying out all my buttons on the floor and tries valiantly to get at my pins. I try to wait until her sleep so I can put my head down and sew like a maniac.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Kick Off

Never has the expression - you have to start somewhere been so apt. So here I am in Launceston starting ... rather than procrastinating about starting a blog ... I thought I would just dive in - then the banner and logo will just have to get done, no more thinking.
After enjoying reading blogs and coveting things on Etsy - the time has come to get amongst it.