Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Not so still life with Tea Towel

Today we struck out together - destination, park. Sure there were slides and swings and diggers that really dig with levers and stuff (technical terms) ... but all that is so passe when fine tuning your rock jumping skills. The playground is surrounded by a circle of boulders ... so we did the jumping circuit enough times to feel like schumacher. Still it gave her new tunic a good test run ... nice charcoal drill with a linen applique ... irish linen no less ... from a vintage tea towel. Dunc reckons it looks dead scando. Intoxicating autumn sunshiney days. Ace.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Birthday

Today we celebrated Edie's birthday. My wee daughter. My sweet baby. Zu Zu. Puss. She slobbered on the cake blowing out the candles. She opened pressies with great joy. She clapped with immense excitement and happiness after a rousing rendition of happy birthday. She mingled and played. My happy, smiley, wee girl. Our Edie.
Only flicking through the files of photos did I realise just how far my tiny wee girl had come. The acres of path she has already travelled in her journey through a lifetime. How blessed do I feel to be able to hold her hand for this part of it. I am so so proud to be her Mama.

Happy Birthday lovely Edie girl. May you always see life as an adventure unfolding before you xxx

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

we're back

Aaah fair Melbourne, we salute you. It was indeed a flying visit but you did not disappoint. From kick off you were but wonderful - the perfect host. It was really strange to be back, you know. Like putting on an old jumper and realising your body shape had changed a little.
The aunties stepped in and stepped out with the wee one from go. She thought it was gold. Trains and trams and urban playgrounds. Old haunts, familiar footpaths... handmade meccas. Remembering to look up in tight spaces when pushing the pram, in places where once I waddled with pregnant belly.
Remembering to give a tutorial or two along the way on the finer points of the Melbourne cafes and their coffees (and smoothies)
But mostly being with family and getting to have an early celebration together for the arrival of 2 years of Edie- a landmark where my baby girl has somehow so quickly arrived.
PS the market was lovely ... thanks for stopping by and also so, so good to catch up with friends who dropped in (lovely to meet you Jen in Melbourne!). Hope we can visit again soon - this time for longer methinks.

Friday, May 15, 2009

I come with Baggage

These new scarves are in the bag ... along with all my other stuff for the market on Sunday. Edie and I can only take the clothes on our back - there is no more room within baggage allowance guidelines... but then my sister has a FABULOUS wardrobe (hint, Mim???) See you at the convent - I'll be humming tunes from Sound of Music. Please address me as Maria.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Loz and Dinny does Melbourne

Photo courtesy of Abbotsford Convent Website

So excited. Only 3 sleeps until Edie and I leave on a jet plane to Melbourne. Edie is not going to be able to contain her excitement at all the Aunt and Uncle love she has coming her way ... and I can't wait to see them all too. They are promising some fossicking in Fitzroy, some rollicking in Richmond and some soothing South Melbourne soirees. Sunday 17th May I will be at the Abbotsford Convent Maker's Market touting my Loz and Dinny wares. Edie will be deep in the Collingwood Children's Farm love. Come say hi if you are up for it xx

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Now that's a Mother's Day Brunch table, Mrs Smith! Right down to the Chrissies and the table cloth in Space Ace Freeley Ace. Happy Mother's Day to all. Hope your day brought pancakes with lemon and sugar, loaded with strawberries and raspberries and that yummy yoghurt with honey and cinnamon in it ... or something close xx

Thursday, May 7, 2009

back on track

This amazing package arrived in my mail last week ... from the lovely Curly Pops. The heart brooch has already got one major workout - I LOVE it and I have needed a key ring for so so long - and I am enamoured - thank you gorgeous crafty one - i felt very spoilt! You will be pleased to note the return swap is on its way (see below)
but then the spoiling continued ... I received a consolation prize in willy wagtail's giveaway. Apparently it is because I am extremely witty ... Mrs Smith won the shebang. She's me mate - so a combined postage deal was arranged under the strict instructions that we were to PLAY NICE. You may even make out willy wagtail's reminder in my package 'sharing is caring'. I passed on the booty ...
... and was over the moon with my gorgeous treasues. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
My tea towel even annouces 'first prize' - see everyone's a winner. Noice.

Which brings me to these. Again. I've made the tomato sauce to Glad's recipe. Glad is Edie great nan - 92 and a real lovely lady. Sauce is a winner. Better than the rosella. Or the Big Tom. A little spicy as in 'ooooo'. Bottled up and ready for hotdogs and BBQs.
Which brings me to my exciting news - Edie and I are jetsetting to the Big Big smoke - we are going to Melbourne for the Maker's Market at Abbotsford Convent Well actually we are getting one last cheeky free flight in before Edie hits two. Catch up with the sisters, the doting Aunts and Uncles - because they really couldn't give that much of a stuff about seeing me - they just want niece action. I might just slink off and go hang out at my old haunts. No one would notice. Really. Missing the cheese pies at the A1 Bakery in Brunswick like nobody's business. So to all my Melbourne mates who lurk here, never leave a comment and get your updates sneakily - no comment, no visit. No email, no catch up. Time to get tough on you bloody slackers.
PS only kidding. Kind of... and you don't count Leighsy because you outed yourself. It's koshe.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Niche - All Wrapped Up

Well the handmade love in that is Niche is all over ... A big thank you to all of you who swung by and said hello, had a kind word or walked away with a little something xxImage courtesy of Fer

Thank you Fer for this lovely photo ... Never seen myself behind a stall before. Weird...I'm wearing a beautiful heart for market courage from Ms Curly Pops (more on that later!) and that's Eve - Craft Princess lurking, doing stuff.Such a beautiful market and it felt kinda special to be amongst such amazingly talented company. Such beautiful stalls and handmade products abounded from various nooks and crannies all along the gallery space. The Academy of the Arts space is awesome. This photo doesn't really do it justice. I was a bit lazy with the camera this time around ... wasn't so easy to stray from my stall...if you want more, more, more check out Black-Eyed Susie, That Vintage, Dick and Dora, Red Bamboo - they've all been doing a bit of blogging action.

...and yes - that is Edie's high chair which she went without for the weekend as I had a minor dilemma about not having a big enough hanging rack ... so down came the curtain rail and I lashed it all sailor-like to the high chair - so inventive and budget under pressure, you might say!

Many thanks to Selena Palmer at St Giles ... once again a beautiful market all due to organisational brilliance and your wonderful passion for us crafty, designer types. Big love, sister xx Usual ho hum bloggin entries will resume tomorrow.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Niche is a coming xx

OK .. so it's been a little while since I've posted ... but I have an excuse -I have been chained to my sewing machine in sweat shop conditions. Occasionally someone slips me a glass of water - or Dunc places chocolate directly in my mouth so I don't get stuff on my dresses. But it's all for Niche this weekend. I'm thinking after that I can kick back a little? Anyways - this is some of the aforementioned stuff that will be at the market - I will post something of greater interest, wit and humour soon - for now - this is my very, very best.

Edie's in the red winter dress at the top ... she has her cute wee Black Eyed Susie clip in her hair... the dress also comes in other fabrics and colours including this guy below...

Then this lovely vintage fabric I got from etsy arrived in the nick of time ... so I thought I'd go with some more library bags ... (warning - average photo follows!)

Then the Blythe dress gets a red and blue makeover with a little vintage fabric pocket.

...and those of you who know me may be a little surprised that there is a pink(ish) dress on the menu ... not usually a fan but then I had this beautful pink and brown damask and thought I would be a pink person crowd pleaser...

Shameless pre-market plug, I know... but come anyway - for the other stuff ... Sat and Sun 10-4pm - 20% of everything you buy and 100% of what you get wrapped goes to St Giles - it will be retail feel goodness for you