Monday, July 20, 2009

Getting Fleeced

It's newborn central around these parts. So I needed to get inspired to come up with some Loz and Dinny newborn booty. I have loved this fleece for so so long. I have stroked and caressed lovingly. So it seemed the perfect choice for some new wee baby boys and girls ... Loz made me a whole stack of fleecy cotton wraps when Edie was born - I loved them - she made them extra large so she was all wrapped up cocoon snug. Winter babes get it good, huh? I am very excited about how they turned out ... a cheeky afternoon sew in, chez Loz and Dinny with Mrs Smith and the Craft Princess knocked them on the head. Actually it was more a sewing intervention - Mrs Smith had been hand sewing her quilts ... she had a sewing machine sitting there - it was just a little scary ... she was unsure how you did it ... so the Princess and I organised an intervention ... Mrs Smith embraced firmly ... and walked out with two awesome cushions tucked under her arm - mission completed.
PS the brown dots in the background are actually newborn sized bias binding bibs ... they went in the pressie too!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chilli Jam to die for

Sadie and Lance makes good Chilli Jam - how do I know? because I was on the end of some in her chutney swap way back here. So when some more arrived in the post along with a beautiful hot pot grabber thingy - (what do you call them???) I couldn't help but feel a wee bit special ... and very hungry all of a sudden. These didn't last very long. Neither did the second plate... I'm a bit of a cheese monster...and I'll never need to use a tea towel to grab stuff from the oven ever again. Thank you a little box is winging it's way toward you as we speak xx

All the fruit

I know not where the minutes in each day go. But they must have been well spent in some shape or form as I am feeling on the content side of disorganised - rather than just disorganised. My wonky house is a little dishevelled. We started to paint the spare room - but to do that we had to replaster some cracks from when we polished the floor boards and had to remove the skirting boards and half the wall came off with it. Aah the charm of a house that's pushing the 120 year old mark. So to do that -we had to move all the furniture out ... into the hall and our bedroom and Edie's room. Then we realised that it was no good painting unless we fixed up the totally gappy window and smashed pane ... so 10 days later I am into a relaxed routine of stepping over mattresses, bed bases and side tables to get to my undies drawer, or to get Edie's clothes, or to go to bed ... sure I don't have a spare room in which to house guests - who arrive in 5 days - but it's progress. The window is fixed and the fireplace looks a treat ... if we get some warm ish weather the plaster will dry and the paint will go on ... you just have to relax, right? All this disorganisation has actually been creatively inspiring - so why not add to the chaos and rip out your entire fabric stash in dribs and drabs to make a new library bag? Seems perfectly valid, non?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Homespun Loz and Dinny

Loz and Dinny is going to be at Civic Homespun Market this Saturday 11 July between 10am - 3pm. It's in Pilgrim Hall on Paterson Street (Opposite the Myer Carpark). Drop in between the flying pink market flags and come say hi. I've been having some crafting fun - creating some new things for my stall. So if you are up for a cheeky hair clip - made from vintage sheet and fabric detais ... or a cheeky coin purse from my luscious vintage vinyl stash (lined with even more vintage fabric joy) come on down! - there are some fabulous locally made goodies on display! (and it can get a little cold and lonely without you) xx

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Health is returning chez Burns. So today despite a list of things we SHOULD be doing we instead opted for the things we'd RATHER be doing, as a mini celebration of both a gloriously sunny Tassie day and feeling all well enough simultaneously to enjoy it. So with promises of beach (but no swimming) we headed to the seaside town of Bridport on the North East side ... looking across Bass Straight, eating a picnic lunch, playing in the sand and climbing on the rocks in the warm sunshine never felt so good! Fresh air a go go. Tasty. Edie is pretty hooked on wearing my scarf that I won from these fine folks - and was visibly stoked to be out of the house! And see all those rocks in the first shot - she insisted on climbing on every one.
So now to playing catch up... a little while ago I was very generously bestowed with this lovely award from the lovely Annie over at Red Bamboo and Tania AKA Myrtle and Eunice.

In turn I would like to forward on the love to some Tassie Blog beauties ... whom I always swing by and lurk on for snippets of loveliness in various shapes and forms

Mrs Smith - she writes a good tale full of intrigue, family and craft

Eve Craft Princess AKA Eve and the Apple Tree - new to blogging but crafting genius from before she could walk - currently renovating Georgian Cottage (is there anything this gal can't do with a crochet hook and a set of lino cutting tools???)

D - Lingo Franko beautifully written morsels to chew over at your leisure

The beautiful Black Eyed Susie maker of gorgeous garments and newborn babies! (Congrats Arj is beautiful!)

Little Jenny Wren whose dolls are to die for and whose insights into daily life always seem to sing the right notes ... oh and beware vintage pattern envy will be imminent!

Last but not least Life's Just a Ferball - lovely Fer and her crafty tales now mixed with motherhood!

Then there's been this game over at Myrtle and Eunice details here that I have been all promises no delivery for some time - so today Tania I came over all inspired in my wintry sunshiney beachside romp and saw faces EVERYWHERE. Check out this guy!

and his mate!

So have I redeemed myself???