Sunday, April 26, 2009

When you're not looking...

I love it when Edie doesn't know I'm watching her. It is like I get a quiet, fleeting little minute to see her - really see her. My precious little girl. She was so intent on her drawing that she didn't see me peeking out from my study... we'd just been down the local Sunday market, where I picked up the little chairs and table. We managed to walk down and back with the pram before the heavens opened. She was completely taken with the fact that she had her own special 'Edie table and chairs' - she got her crayons and paper and started drawing straight away. Time moves faster when you love. appears that I may have some street cred with some local 8 year olds. Made a bag like the one above for my friend's sons birthday but in orange and black- he liked it so much he put in an order for his mate. Word up, like, sweet! (bro, YO!, ya dig?)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Thanks to Ellie for emailing me this little link. Loz and Dinny got a little mention here on the kid style blog! How exciting. To be mentioned alongside this wonderful Tassie designer is pretty amazing actually.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

...and now let the thrifting begin

I have to admit - I have been meaning to post about all my little finds ...but I just keep forgetting to take photos. So today after a fine impromptu outing with this lovely lady to the local Mission Shop- to show our daughters the thriftin' life, I got all inspired... I got a few highlights on location and did a shoot, so to speak. Above is the lovely linen table cloth I picked up today.
...and then there's these lovelies from my favourite stall at the Esk Market. I'd been eyeing them off for a while, then this Sunday gone I pounced -on one- I'm on a budget. But the lovely stallholder threw the other one in too - so stoked. They are old cadbury tins the size of a medium bucket...
...and this awesome vintage fleece - just part of a gifted, rather than thrifted stash from the lovely Bec. She makes lovely screen printed t-shirts for kids. We sat next together at the Mother's Market way back in far last December. She visited me at the market- Hobart and dropped off all this fabric - so spoilt, so lovely.Which brings me to this little beauty. Part of a family of six - they are the spoils of my first ever auction ... being a bit green and having to drop Dunc off at the airport... I dropped Loz off at the auction so she could raise her hand on my behalf. When I got back an hour or so later she informed me my lot hadn't come up ... and then they broke for lunch. To cut a long story short - come 4 hours later and a whole lot of stress thinking that we were placing bids by touching our hair or blinking (not realising it was the group of dealers bidding behind us) I bid furiously against one other and won ... it was one of the last items - we were there all day! But wasn't it worth it?? Which brings me to my next three photos... Spoils of garage sale warfare which have lasting scars...One sale so little time...
Two of these gorgeous flying duck serving plates...
Plus a set of 10 cups and saucers ... some a little mismatched but with cake plates too ... for crafty nights, you know? (and they got a workout at our Easter Brunch)
...and then this - and where my wretched neurosis begins. I found an odd plate or two and then enquired if there were any others. She said she had 'a few more boxes inside'. I had to go drop Dunc off at Uni so I said I would return - she held some stuff and said 'I will see what I can find'. I returned and she had found a few more pieces - 1 dinner plate, 5 saucers, 2 cups, 3 bowls, 2 side plates - but she told me she HAD THE WHOLE SET - it was just too much for her to get the other boxes. I tried to say I would come back later -blocked- I asked if I could come back next week -rejected- I tried using my daughter as collateral -no cigar - I mean it was a garage sale ...why tantalise me with just a few pieces! and I just couldn't leave them there, all alone, so I took the motley crew now I have to walk, or drive past her house DAILY and all I can think of is that the rest of the set is in there waiting for me - my little NZ Ironstone ware speaks to me 'help me, Gemma. I miss the rest of my family' and I am helpless. So now I am just waiting for the next garage is a weekend ritual to just check... a few times...just incase she slept in...
...if this makes you salivate then you need to get amongst this giveaway over at willywagtail's blog ... it will make you wet your pants!

Read, My Friend!

Have had so much fun making these guys. Library bags for the reading types in the family - gotta have somewhere to stash your 20 books you can take out on one library card...made from reclaimed grey weird durable strong-like fabric and various vintage and other 'hanging out in the scraps box because they are too lovely to throw out' off cuts. Little handprinted speech bubble to finish off the bird and butterfly bags. Edie loves them so much - but they are way too big for her - so I am going to make some little ones - for little readers (and carriers). Yes, preparation for Niche- All wrapped up is definately in full swing!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

and the winner is ...

Well folks tonight we did the big giveaway draw the name out of a hat thingamejig ... I cut out the names and popped them in Edie's hat...and just before she went to bed, in jim jams and all ......and she actually pulled it off - just one name came out ...congratulations Little Babushka's!!!! You are the winners of this wee apron and sun bonnet with vintage button detail. And you're West Australian ... as a born and bred sandgroper - this makes me smile. They are a duo ...girls after my own heart they makes clothes inspired by the ones their Mum's made them in the 70s. I looked good in the 70s thanks to Loz. Good times. Drop me an email gals so I know where in WA to send the booty.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Niche 2

Aaaah Niche - All Wrapped Up! I can't wait for this market. Completely beautiful and proceeds aid St Giles a really wonderful organisation supporting children and adults with disabilities. Niche is what I am preparing for at the moment. This time this Mecca Marketica it has moved from the School of Architecture door into the Academy of the Arts. If you are a follower of the handmade love vibe...or just love beautiful handmade and design goodies ... come. Sat 2 and Sun 3 May 2009. I will probably be spending money at the other stalls. It is home to the good stuff. PS Have you entered my giveaway here - you get two things ... I like to make it worth your while.

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Ruby Pear

This beautiful new shop has just opened in Launceston. It is like an aladdin's cave. A secret treasure. Located on Wellington Street at the corner of Canning Street (next to Blockbuster and Davies Grand Central), it is stocked with handmade goodness and simply beautiful design. Check out that wallpaper!
It is run by Rachael - of franrosie fame. These is some of her incredibly lovely purses above made from recycled and reclaimed leather..

Everyway you turn there is something that catches your eye...
...and my dresses are here, lurking behind that cabinet, see? If you are in Launceston - it is so worth seeking out this gorgeous wee shop - eco savvy wares.

Day of the Triffod Tomatoes

We have a veritable plethera of tomatoes in our garden. Sown, self sown and unexplained sown. So now we have tomatopolooza. This photo is only the tip of the tomato iceberg. We give them away and still they come. So it was time to don the hairnet and coat and bottle up.
Started with Dinny's tomato relish ... moved onto passata. Got the recipe from here and it worked a treat. So then went to monthly craft night (Dunc calls it Eve's craft coven) and did this for the tops of the big jars... we were having a lino cutting themed night.

We were so darn pleased with our efforts we are now moving onto screenprinting. Marree did an awesome Babushka and Georgia pulled out this amazing flying bird. Eve did a fan design. We are hot. Just so you know it apparently runs in Georgia's family. Check out what her 8 year old son whipped up over here this week.

Stylist: Joshua Smith
Still time to enter my giveaway . It's drawn on Sunday night. I've even added more things to my new shop to entice you further to enter. Leave a comment - make a small toddler happy.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Online Shop Launch and Giveaway Celebration or O' S.L.A.G.

Well folks - the day has finally come - I've got on the launch pad, done the count down and now hit the button! I have an online shop! It needs filling up ... but that will come over the next few days. To celebrate I thought I would have my first giveaway. It has been so encouraging and plain old awesome to be part of such a supportive and rather amusing online community - that I thought I would share the love.

I am giving away this wee green apron AND also one of my little sun bonnets. The apron is reversable with a lovely mushroom brown on the back - unisex! It will fit size 1-3 and can also be worn as a tunic over jeans. The sun bonnet never really photographs that well - but I tell you they are cool. Keeps the sun off and looks very funky. 100% cotton with vintage covered button detail. Fits from size 1 up - depending on noggin size. It has ribbon ties - but Edie wears hers without - the elastic at the back keeps it on! The winner will get both! Open to anyone in Australia or on the globe.
'What do I have to do?' I hear you shout ... check out my shop on the side bar and then come back here and leave a comment - go on. I don't care if you are one of my mates. I don't care if this is your first time here. I don't care if you don't have children - give them to a friend - I don't care if you are feeling shy is time to reveal yourself! Plus ... It will make my day if you leave a comment and then Edie and I will have lots of names to cut out and put in a hat. Think of the children!
Late edit: will draw aforementioned prize this Sunday at 7.00pm (ish)

Emergency ... reeeeee rawwwww!

Things got kind of serious around here this morning. 'The Boy' met with a strange and unwitnessed accident. He was discovered... shock! horror! ... ...with his wee arm severed!

It was very stressful for the whole family, including 'The Girl'. We have done all the right things. Applied pressure to the 'wound'. Kept the patient calm. We have kept the limb on ice and are now waiting for the ambulance to arrive. We are hoping for a microsurgery miracle. Lucky we know Eve the emergency nurse at Launnie Hospital ... with her crafting skills should have him patched up in no time. You know, you just feel so guilty, so responsible, especially when they have come all the way from Sri Lanka from this particularly special place here. Will keep you posted on his treatment and recovery.

Monday, April 13, 2009


I am stoked. I have had the perfect Easter break - and it's still breaking. This post comes with a warning - I could gush everywhere. It could seep through my keyboard. It could trip my clipsal. I'm finding it hard not to be all cheesy. It's hard because I just feel like donning the Kaftan, sticking some flowers in my hair and getting all peace, love and happiness about it. We have even had the 'let's by a kombi camperwagon' discussion this weekend. It all started Thursday night when we responded to a 'come and stay at our beach shack' invite from these lovely folk . We packed up the car and headed out of the city to Binalong Bay - Bay of Fires - the spot recently voted 'the world's hottest travel destination - 2009' by the Lonely Planet. That's not why we went - but I like to keep my posts highly educational, at times. There is something about the coast that instantly relaxes me. It's my West Australian upbringing. The sea air. The sound of the waves. I'm transported. Two nights and days of good company, lovely conversation and happy beach bummed little girls was almost too much for my tiny mind to cope with. Sam and Dunc did an early Easter Egg hunt for the girls. We hung out on the beach. We built sandcastles, collected shells and paddled. I had A NAP. Suse and I even busted out sans enfants and trawled the local bric a brac stores and the St Helen's Market. I kept thinking I had forgotten something not having to look out for the girl. Who can explain why physically getting away from 'it' rejuvenates and pushes that reset button? Thank you so much Suse, Sam and Chloe - for inviting us xxx We headed home on Sat night - we had an Easter Brunch planned for Sunday.... and now I feel like I have to again don the tie died flares and wooden beads. The invite was vague to say the least ...
Bring: Everything. The hostess can't be trusted. She will no doubt throw some nibblies together but they will be of the trailer park trash variety - we are going away and only returning the night before so no promises will be made on quality.We'll crank the BBQ and you can chuck whatever you desire on. But make sure you bring some Easter Eggs for the hunt - we'll herd the wee ones inside and then chuck some in the garden then let them loose outside. Hopefully they will do the same for us... but you never can tell how much the sugar rush will play with their tiny minds.
It's a laid back affair and hopefully sunny - pass the invite on to anyone who might be at a loose Easter end or thinks that it is a better offer and may cancel their other plans.
Tell me if you are coming though. I may need to plan some paper cups or something.
Our house and garden bursted at the seams with folk large and small, with chocolate eggs and homemade sweet stuff. The BBQ cranked with brunch food goodness. The teapot got a work out and people sipped from tea cups fossicked from garage sales. And we talked and laughed and ate and I just felt enormously blessed that I have fallen into a life that makes you feel like you fit. Happy Easter everyone - hope the bunny found you xxx

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

and so to the market - hobart

We did the morning drive to Hobart to take part in the first of 'the market'. I tell you - I thanked the extra hour gained through the end of daylight saving as we got moving 5am ... that was really 6am, right? I didn't take any photos ... the reason why escapes me so I have snaffled these from the market blog ... more beautiful images there... make sure you have a little peek. Such an eclectic and inspired collection of creative, talented types all in a cosy art deco space. The drive down saw me with my head down finishing off a couple of press studs and rosettes ... thank god I don't get spewy - my sister, Blythe is a green faced motion sickness wonder as is Loz - they have to snack on nuts and cheese and biscuits like wee squirrels on most trips ... made for great travel when we were kids though - Loz always had the cool supplies and would dish them out at regular intervals. Cars are diet free zones in my family. We prefer savoury when we jetset - eyes firmly fixed on horizons. Anyways - the market was beautiful ... many thanks to Bec, Holly and Shannon for their amazing organisation and the exceptionally friendly market space they created what appeared effortlessly... and many thanks for having me xxx can I come back, pretty please???

Monday, April 6, 2009


I won ... I won ... I won this beautiful crocheted scarf - no joke - don't mean to do any nose rubbing but I bloody won it from this giveaway here! You know -I picked the six numbers AND the sup, bobbed the apple, hit the bull's eye, scored from OUTSIDE that line, picked a winner AND ate it (was that too far?). And it was only yesterday as I was freezing my toosh off on the way from the market in Hobart (it snowed on Mount Wellington, man!) that I was thinking - I need to get me a good scarf this winter - and low and behold - I won this beautiful number by this talented scarf crocheting guru type. I'd like to the lovely girls at Before Our Time. Just have to complete happy dance and revel a little in the only thing I have won since ... since ... since ... I really can't remember when I last won something - then I promise I'll tell you how the market went xx

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Before Our Time

Just discovered this lovely blog via here. Really ties in with a discussion we seem to be having 'round our way. About the economic downturn - about 'what is the simpler life?'. About what it means to mother, father, wife, husband, woman and man. About the lives we choose to create for ourselves. About how much of it is a ticket for a train we feel we have to board rather than to choose to let it leave the station without us. There is some lovely food for thought going on at Before Our Time - with their recent post being up my alley ... 'Crafting our way out of economic tough times is an idea from Before Our Time' ... plus they are having a giveaway ... incentive hey?